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mc'donalds has left me absolutely jaw droppingly gob smacked! the food is ok, i don't mind that.

what i hate though is the staff's ability to screw up orders on a regular basis, and thats on a statewide level not just a local store.i'v been goin to maccas for years and you honestly would not believe the ingenious ways the staff can mess up an order.the most common problems are as follows: you dont get what you order or you get short changed in your order.i'v been short changed with my change dont get serviettes in your bag or a spoon for sundae's (takeaways).you get the wrong softdrink flavour (too much ice also, makes your fizz flat) or they mess up your coffee.when you order a large fries the staff seem unable to fill the box to its utmost capacity and the first thing they do when the fries are cooked is load them up with salt,yuk! the latest installment came just this morning (11/11/2010, ulverstone,Tasmania)i ordered breaky, when given the bag with muffin and hashy's i placed it on my lap to check the contents (all there)so then placed the bag on the front seat of my new ford i drove off i noticed a sticky substance on my arm. i thought for a moment and checked my order bag....the base of it was drenched in maple syrup.HOW THE *** DOES THAT HAPPEN! so i drove back to the store ,informed the manager of my sticky arm,sweatpants and car seat and got my money back(should have made him pay for fabric cleaning too!).

the manager asked for the receipt so i informed him it was glued to the bottom of the order bag!!!! now i'll tell you in my opinion why maccas has poor service,its simple, the only staff member who is above the age of 16 is the manager.why is that,cause a teen does not have the mental capability to manage a store and therefor should not be preparing or serving food to "valued" customers.

cost cutting measures and employing young people for minimum wage will be the downfall of this food 9 year old son loves maccas but he is already learning that you will get poor service consistently no matter where you go.he is the next generation of mc'donald customer....or is he? from

Product or Service Mentioned: Mcdonalds Manager.

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ME TOO. Almost every time i go to Mcdonalds in St.

Leonard New Brunswick

they screw up my order.. Today it was fries from a Big Mac meal and the drink (sprite)

Last time it was the double hamburger (plain) for my dog.

He was upset when i had no burger for him. I called them and they said

i had to call another Mcdonalds in Grand Falls New Brunswick and they would give me a

coupon or something. That helps alot when you live 15 klms from Mcdonalds and they do this order scewring up..

I check before i leave thier parking lot now.

BUT next time they will be double checking my order and telling me it correct.. Ha


"Breaky, hashies and maccas? Do you not know how to spell or are you trying to be cute or are you just lazy? If I worked at mcdonald's I would have peed in your coffee and spit on your hashies."

Australian accent, ***.

Last time I went to McDonald's they didn't give me ANY of the 3 medium fries I ordered, I had to talk to the manager who thought I was trying to rip them off (probably because I'm 17, frigging stereotypes).


So your into plagiarism, LINDZY posted the exact same comment the day before you did. Shmuck!

That makes you a thief! A disgusting one at that, saying you would *** in my coffee. you kiss your mother with that mouth? Also I can spell.

maybe you want to do your homework before you post replies. Australian mc'donalds television commercials feature the word's "maccas' & "breaky". If you reply again you will only confirm my belief that your a thoughtless yank!

We owned you in Vietnam, Yanky soldiers marching down the middle of main roads singing songs out loud = easy targets! We Aussie's crept through the bush, you chickenshit ***!


Breaky, hashies and maccas? Do you not know how to spell or are you trying to be cute or are you just lazy? If I worked at mcdonald's I would have peed in your coffee and spit on your hashies.


You sound like a fat *** Maccas? You also sound to *** lazy to spell out McDonalds. Maybe you should give your 9 year old a fighting chance and stop feeding them *** from "Maccas" that has no nutrition and start cooking at home so he doesn't turn out like you.


I weigh 68kg (or 34 pound in yanky speak LOL) so no, i'm not fat. Nor am I lazy.

You can tell this as I'm not on this site everyday trolling for trouble...unlike you. Also it has been 1.8 years since I bought "maccas" 'cause even my son is fed up with them screwing up our orders.

As a rule I cook at home every 2'nd night as I work (unlike a lot of 'fat' yanks) and make it a rule not to work myself to the bone trying to do everything everyday. As for you, grab your helmet....your bus will be there soon to pick you up!


I'm going to assume you've never worked in fast food. As far as preparation goes, they have to follow the guidelines set out, which includes not filling the bastket with fries. There is also a side counter for customers to get their spoons and napkins. This is to keep irate customers from griping about waiting in line while the server gets it for the first guy. What time of day did the syrup incident occur? If it was up to 10:30 am, then it's plausible. Any time after that, yes, complain, and contact the local HQ regarding cleaning standards there.

Now, the way you're going on, it's more than obvious that you are refering to one, maybe two locations at most, and yes, some locations just plain suck. Now how do you know that it's actually teenagers working? Most of the McD employees around here are 22 or older but look like teens, and the teens are actually the better employees.

Now here's what you do: Stop going to McDonalds. You obviously don't like the service or the food, so stop wasting your money. Everybody knows McDonalds locations vary in quality, so you've wasted not only your money, but your time by coming on here to rant about an entire chain instead of naming problematic locations.


You obviously didn't read my original post properly. I stated that I have purchased mc'donalds from MANY stores in MANY locations around AUS over many years.

From east coast to west, north to south. Who cares what time the syrup incident happened, the point is it shouldn't have. As i said this is the type of thing that happens when teens serve customers and 'try" to clean the store. Do teens tidy up after themselves...NO!

So why would they clean their place of employ. They just want their paychecks, not responsibility.

We all know mc'donalds employ's teens 'cause they're cheap hourly labour. Also you know what people say about 'assumptions', you make an '***' out of 'u' and 'me' You should say 'pressume'!


Well we all make mistakes, just look at the many spelling and grammar mistakes you have. Did your nine year old write this?

It looks like a nine year old wrote this. My guess is the mommy of this little boy typing this letter likes to push people around.

There is no way someone over the age of 12 wrote this letter. If they did they must have dropped out of school at a very early age.


Don't you have better thing's to do? Obviously not!

Who say's i'm a 'mummy'. I am actually this childs full time father. His mother chose a life of drugs since he was 2 years old so I removed him from that harmful environment. He has a very good life with me and yes, he does actually write better than me.

Plus he is the one that does most of the pushing in this relationship! As for you, QUOTE: just look at the many spelling mistakes you have. END QUOTE. Mistakes I have what....?

Ones I've made or perhaps ones I own. I keep all my 'grammers' in the garage next to the 'haves' and 'have nots' underneath the 'wishes'!


:( i agree with me, maccas service stinks!


I still agree with me....MACCAS STINKS!