Tampa, Florida

On October 5, I went to MC Donald s and ordered a large milkshake which used to be 32 oz but what I received was a 22 oz. They told me that they reformatted their shakes, and I told them that for now on I am taking my business elsewhere.

They really dropped the ball this time, because they didn't research how the customers were going to respond to the change.

I feel if I am going to go somewhere to spend my money, I want what I pay for. They should have given me what I ordered, gave me something else.

Product or Service Mentioned: Mcdonalds Milkshake.

Monetary Loss: $2.

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I purchased a small shake 5/21/2016, the plastic cup stood 4 inches high. Not only was there way too small an amount of the product, it was topped off with whip cream.

I was insulted with the amount of shake for $2.89, I guarantee McDonald Inc.

will never again sell me a ridiculous amount of shake for too high a price.


Yea its true I used to love the taste of mcdonalds shakes and used to order the large size then one day I went in and ordered and the large cups were gone. They started this mcafe *** and shrunk the sizes of the shakes so I rarely go there anymore.

One good thing they still had is when you were on the run and needed something quick to eat was the dollar menu.

It seems lke thats all but gone as well So I dont go there anymore.


They are crooks they will trick you in with a good deal then snatch it away for something smaller.and its a smaller shake and even less shake because of the whip cream on top to fool u


That's right! Go get your health problems somewhere else!


...and I gladly announced my disapproval to them. In fact, I believe the regional management guys (or someone worthy of bossing people around) were there inspecting the store or supervising or something.

I know they heard me. I expect nothing to be done about it.


I call them SkimpDonald's now. The milkshakes used to be huge, but now whipped cream is the way they get out of serving people what they asked for.

And it's not like you can just go to Burger King, because Burger King is following in their footsteps and skimping on their shakes too. When I order a large shake, that's what I want--not whipped cream and a cherry. I have a good mind to cherry-bomb the drive-thru window if you know what I mean.

And yes, this bothers me so much that I had to get online and search for people venting about it and add my own comment. And no, I'm not fat, and thanks to SkimpDonald's puny shakes I won't be getting fat any time soon.


mconalds is corrupt following example of financial and government crooks


I went to McDonalds tonight for the first time in several months and ordered a medium milkshake. I was SHOCKED when they handed me the little see-through cup that looks smaller than a small used to be.

Unbelievable. I definitely won't be ordering another McDonald's milkshake any time soon!


wow stop complaining ! like ur *** needs the 32 oz anyways, go somewhere else, plus mcdonalds shakes arent that great anyways lol


Listen here, when I ordered a small like I always used to and was perfectly happy with a shake NOT A DESSERT WITH WHIPPED CREAM AND A CHERRY, and then to add to that irritation they put it in some see-through cup the EVERYONE in the world can see what you are drinking with your meal, and then to add to that if you want it in a paper cup to have a drink that I can bring into work after my lunch and sip on it during the afternoon they put it in a kiddy cup!!! It's a rational complaint...this well known chain made a grave error making most customers unsatisifed with their change.

It is a rip off, if I wanted a dessert I would order dessert, I just want a shake to go with my sandwich and fries. Don't go trying to fix something that is not broken.

And how long has Mcdonalds been serving shakes anyways??? You would think they have it down pretty good, and people were very happy with what they had, until now.


The complaint has validity. I have been a big fan of McDonalds milkshakes ever since they started using real dairy ingredients (years ago), but lately I have abandoned them because they have been skimping on the quantity, and MORE IMPORTANTLY, the quality.

There has been a change in the ingredients (probably to save money) and the product no longer tastes like a genuine milkshake. I believe they have added artificial ingredients and are injecting air again.

The way to respond is to vote with your feet. Go to Dairy Queen if you want a genuine milkshake.


Yes they made their milkshakes smaller. They also adjusted the prices and added whipped cream and cherries.

You are not getting "ripped off", you are paying less for the smaller sizes, so in the end it's the same. ::HEAD SLAP::


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For all of you idiots responding; the poster asked for the large milkshake and it is now in a smaller size than he/she used to purchase. McDonald's isn't the only place doing this.

Check out Pizza Hut! Their "large" pizza is now the same size as the "medium" pizza was.

This site is to vent about services and that is exactly what the poster is doing! I appreciate a heads up on the shakes and that is why this site exists...TO WARN OTHERS!


You pretty much got what you asked for. You told them to give you a milkshake, but you didn't ask for the 32oz milkshake otherwise they would've informed you of the change. Be specific about your orders before paying them for something you didn't want.


I did not write this complaint to get bash. I am reporting you to the admin.