Marion, Ohio
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i think mcdonalds on main street is the worst McDonald's in Ohio .every time i get a kids meal from here for my daughter the nuggets are old,dark brown, and hard.they need to be inspected,and shut down!!!i have never gotten fresh warm fries.they have always been cold and hard.almost all of there employees are rude or stuck up.they can never get an order right and when u ask them to correct it they act like its your fault with an attitude.i think they need to replace all the employees.or shut the mcdonalds down and have it replaced with a place wort spending your money at!!!!

Monetary Loss: $6.

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Everything in Marion sucks. Trailer park girls go round the outside round the outside


If that particular McDonalds is so bad, then why keep going back ?


First of all, then why do you always go back? 2nd, ITS FAST FOOD, those people are in a bad mood because they deal with *** customers all day, you rarely get time to even see what time it is.

3rd those people could care a less how you feel about them, or what they give you. They just want their paycheck:)

Trust me, I was a fast-food employee since I was 14-18 and we talk about you guys too!Were just their to get out money, its not a good enough job that pays well enough to even care about how you feel.


So go somewhere else. Is it really that g*o*d*d*a*m*n hard?