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I commute every morning from Stone Mountain to Atlanta to take my guy to work. This commute normally takes 45 minutes to an hour. I usually order breakfast at Stone Mountain McDonalds drive thru, then drop him off at work. Go to McDonalds by his job in Atlanta, by this point I am out of coffee, or the little bit I have left has got cold. My head and feet hurt from pumping breaks. I use to get a smile from the cashier when I reached Atlanta location and she or he refill my cup.

1st commute visit, girl was half asleep, no smile, told me bluntly I cant give you a refill, read the sign? I'm like I just drove through traffic from another McDonalds, she said sorry no. Then Manager told me to read the sign??!

I wrote feedback on their page. Rep responded said she would fix problem.

2nd commute visit: I did the same commute made the same stops Stone Mountain McDonalds- Guy dropped off at work- Atlanta McDonalds. Boom lady takes my cup trying to see if it was hot or she see stem? Lol, as if it is going to be hot after a 45minute commute?!

These 2 visits were the worst, employees were not pleasant, and the new policy discriminates against commuters! Rep just emailed me coffee refill dine in only?! Basically saying, we don't care if you paid us and are now on another side of town- pay us again now!!

Product or Service Mentioned: Mcdonalds Cashier.

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This has to be a joke. One of the dummbesst complaints of all time.


Refills are 1 per visit, and that is per restaurant. You can't take a coffee to another McDonalds and get a refill even if you didn't get one at the first McDonalds.


Not too sure what you will do when something really serious happens in your life if you react this way over a cup of coffee! Go elsewhere for your coffee, or better yet, get off your duff and make enough at home, put in a thermos and drink to your heart's content.

Cheaper and probably better. Simple enough for you???


I did start making my coffee yesterday. Yes, It's cheaper!


The way I read your complaint is that you bought the coffee at one McDonald's and wanted a refill from another one. If that isn't the case you should clarify your complaint. Why would your head and feet hurt from pumping "breaks?" Then why were you pumping "breaks?" Solve your problem by taking a thermos of your own coffee with you, that way you will have all the hot refills you want.


That part is correct. I was responding to the get freebees all day part.

Which was not the case, just wanted 1.

Lol, the feet hurting and headache part, I got 2 words for you ATLATA TRAFFIC! I do now make my own coffee thou.


What does the sign say? I am sure a refill in the original store, after you drank your coffee would be allowed...but you are not....stop being cheap. I would not honor your request either...its BS


Curious.....What does the sign say? I doubt it says free refills for cheap arzs all day.....of course you need to pay again....


Not all day! You misread.

1 paid cup= 1paid refill.

Not trying to get free stuff all day. Reread the post.


Not all day! You misread.

1 paid cup= 1paid refill. 1 Refill is what I asked for. Simple, 1 Refill you should get after you bought the first one.

Not trying to get free stuff all day 1 refill. Reread the post.


You did not reread the post. Went to store bought coffee, was then denied refill for that coffee.

Next day went to store bought coffee was then denied refill for that cup. I think your misreading.