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Mc Rib the famous sandwich from McDonald is restructured meat.This are low value meat trimmings.This is grind meattrimmings,fat etc.It is called comminuted meat Mixture is mixed with salt and w3ater to extract salt-soluble proteins.This produces a glue to bind the muscle pieces together.Which in turn allows them to make the ribshaped patty.Loaded with calories and ingredients.The labeling on the box contains 4 ingredients.Pork patty,BBQ sauce with pickles and unions and a sesame bun.However by closer examination it turns out to have 70 ingredients one of which isazodicarbonate that is used to produce foamed plastics.This compound is banned in Europe and Australia as a food additive.Still hungry for a McRib? think twice.Wonder why McD and the FDA don't put a stop to this.

Product or Service Mentioned: Mcdonalds Sandwich.

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And a hamburger is ground up cow, mashed back together in the round shape of a patty, and ham is parts of pig with water and salt added, and hotdogs are parts of beef and pork shaped into the shape of a....well you know, and hashbrowns are potatoes cut up and mashed back together and shaped in various shapes. Remember tater tots as a kid?

Did you think they grew on trees like that?

Get over it. Don't eat it.