Grapevine, Texas
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Iâm a little embarrassed for your employee, Lisa, at Store #4943. Let me tell you why:

I had a simple order: #1 with a large coke, a kids meal hamburger, 4 pc chicken nuggets, a mcdouble, and a large diet coke. When I went to pay at the first window, everything was fine, as usual. I frequent this store often, as it is close to my work, so I recognize many of the employees at the drive-thru. When I paid and got to the second window, an employee named âLisaâ was very sweet to me- even when I informed her that I seemed to be missing my 4 pc chicken nuggets. I understand how the food industry works, so I opened my bag to let her see that I was not trying to swindle $1.99 from McDonaldâs. She then immediately notified the back that I had not been given all of my food, and thatâs when all *** broke loose. I know we all have bad days, but this manager was having the worst, and seemed to have been taking it out on her employees.

The manager (whose name I did not catch) told sweet Lisa that they were in the bag. Lisa had proof that they were not, so she began to read the receipt to show what I had and what I was missing. The manager was still in disbelief, so she read the receipt AGAIN. After witnessing much back and forth between this defenseless employee and this manager, said manager asked to look inside of my bag of food herself.

Not only does this make the staff look bad, but it embarrasses me as well. To think that you all do not trust your own employees enough for $1.99 worth of food is disconcerting and I feel very bad for Lisa. I was in shock when the manager on duty asked to look through MY bag of food that I paid for, when she could have just as easily given me 4 chicken nuggets. Thatâs all I needed to be on my way. Instead, my poor mother and I had to watch this manager yell back at this staff member, not once walking over to the window to help resolve the issue.

I honestly feel for this employee, Lisa, who tried her best to resolve the issue and get the customer what they needed. Instead of being undermined by someone above her, that person in charge should have walked over and handled the situation like a professional. McNuggets are nothing to get into a yelling match in front of paying customers about!

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

Monetary Loss: $16.

Preferred solution: Let the company propose a solution.

McDonalds Pros: Employees.

McDonalds Cons: Management.

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