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Firstly if fries are sold by weight then why do staff use a scoop and not scales???( I don't complain for the fun of it you know!) Secondly my attitude towards macca's stinks 'cause they screw up my order EVERY SINGLE TIME,(havn't been in over a year though) thirdly TASMANIA is definately real. It can be found roughly 430klm's west of mainland AUS under the state of Victoria.

You can find it using this thing called a "computer" and a software programme called "google earth".

You've been watching too much Disney! TAZ rules

Original review posted by user Jan 28, 2012

macca's you did it again. on my 10yr old sons request we went to our local store in ulverstone tasmania and even after i asked the girl at the window to make sure my box of fries is 'FULL' i got the order home only to find that i had the equivalent of a small fries !!

frankly im not surprised, macca's have been doin this for years. iv said before if you want friendly and reliable service then DONT employ 15 yr olds to serve customers !!

all they're thinking about is what song they're gonna' down load onto their i'pod after work. i believe the big golden arch will slowly but surely start to dissapear in the future due to repeated bad customer service and incorrect orders.

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Gee, it's great to see that there are American style *** all over the globe.

@Tasmanian Devil

Your name should be miss communication. Who are you calling a *** exactly.

Not me I hope, as a pissed consumer on PISSED CONSUMER.COM I am writing what I'm supposed to write. What are you doing?


@$2.50 for a large fries, I *** well expect to get my monies worth. I can buy 2 kilograms of spuds from a supermarket for thae same price.

As I said...Mc DONALDS are ripping us off. Go chew your own fat


Fries are sold by weight, not volume. You take a bag of chips home from the grocery store, it is 16 oz or whatever, but the chips settle to the bottem.

The fries are served standing up, but time and travel causes them to "fall down" in the package.

Still 6 oz of fries. BTW I'm 50 yrs and will tell you the same thing if you come to my McDonalds.


Lady, you're nothing but a few fries short 8) ... of a 'Happy Meal'.


Yatz, it sounds like YOU should work at McDonald's. However, Splirky, I think your complaint is completely ignorant.

My sister is 15 and works in fast food, and she takes her job very seriously. And as we have seen on here, there are grown people who rip people off too. Don't generalize.

Your complaint is vaild. Your attitude is disgusting.


I generalise 'cause it's true. Apart from managment most of the staff (95%) are under 18 as they command a lower hourly rate of pay.

Besides, most humans are useless untill the age of about 25 as they have very limited "life experience". The USA has acknowledged this by creating laws that state you must be over 21 in order to- buy cigarettes, buy alcohol and gamble. I'm 36, a qualified auto mechanic/electrician, qualified painter tradesman and now im studying law.

Lets see your 15 year old sis' do that! Tell her to stick with fries and burgers!


Are you serious? Tasmania is an island near Australia.



Living in Tazmania is a far bigger problem than a few missing french fries. For one thing, Tazmania isn't a real place.

Its made up. For cartoons. Are you a cartoon? NO!

of course not! Now stop lying and if you want more fries, buy more fries.


Your living in a box of fries dude!!!!!


hehe :grin