Dallas, Texas
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I went to the location in Dallas Texas, Camp Wisdom and 35 location. They never get my order right and then when I ask for condiments they cop the worse attitude ever.

I asked for syrup and a Mexican lady simply refused to give it to me after I had told her that it was not in the bag and she argued that it was. I showed her the bag and then she copped a worse attitude and threw the syrup at me.. My first reaction was to snatch that b**** through the window but the mess that it is Security was at the window. They always run down a list of orders before they get to mine and then they are rude when I say that is not my order.

This place is a hot *** mess and the workers are less than unacceptable. One lady even told me that she was going to curse out " the muthaf**** behind me if he don't get his *** together before he get to the window"...Really??? I have not been back I drive 15 mins up the freeway of I want McDonalds and really at this point its not worth the drive.

Id rather go to a hood store and get more for less... Thanks for nothing McDonalds.....

Monetary Loss: $13.

  • Mc Ratchet
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