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I drink Latte coffees regularly/daily. Only at McDonalds have I been told numerous times at many locations that their "machine is down" and can't get a Latte coffee.

I've also received many Latte coffees that seemed to be missing the coffee and therefore only got a warm cup of milk.

Today was my last time going to McDonalds for Latte as I spent my time on break from work waiting for a Latte and then being told after a 10+ minute wait that the "machine isn't working". Not worth the time and/or money in gas to go and get a Latte at McDonalds!

Product or Service Mentioned: Mcdonalds Customer Care.

Reason of review: Problem with delivery.

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Just clarifying something: the Franke coffee machines, which many McDonald's use for their McCafe products, will shut down everyday at a set time for their daily cleaning (ours shut down in the afternoon), and that usually takes about twenty to twenty-five minutes.

So when a crew member tells you "the machine is down", they more than likely mean that it's being cleaned, not that it's broken or that they're trying to avoid serving you.


Why not drive the two blocks to get to Starbucks? Or just get something else to drink? Sounds like Mcd's lattes suck anyway!


This person is in Sweden! While Sweden does indeed have Starbucks, there are only a handful in the entire country.

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