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the McD's manager in rivergate area TN was so rude when a bird flew into the establishment and left fecal matter on my tray of food. I then asked if I could get one new peice of food, a burger, to replace mine that had fecal splatter on the wrapping.

The manager proceeded to say no, it was "out of his control." I understand it mearly was out of his control but the burger was only 99 cents...i did not feel comfortable eating fecal matter splatter off of my tray. I left alright but i wont forget the rude manager that couldn't give up a 99 cents burger.

Product or Service Mentioned: Mcdonalds Manager.

Monetary Loss: $99.

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So, you are mad at the manager because a bird pooped on your burger? How is he possibly supposed to be able to control that!

And besides, you said yourself that it was a 99 cent burger, so you shouldn't be worried about it. If it shouldn't be a big deal for him to give up 1 dollar, why should it be for you?

The best you can hope to do is call Animal Control or a Health Inspector, since a bird managed to get inside the McDonald's, but that is about it.

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