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Update by user Jun 23, 2014

I went to visit friend in San Francisco. There was one shop I needed to visit whilst in SF in Mission District (Latino area).

I had taken Muni (their public transport) and needed to transfer to another bus. I just missed it and 20 minutes was to be the next. So... I decided to have it a go and 'test' out McDiarrhoea and see if same thing would happen to me as thrice when I was in States before.

I went in to one half a turning from where my bus was to be at and ordered their most common meal, the BigMac Meal.

The taste? Well, hmmm... typical plastic corporate 'food'. But amazingly, so far I did not get sick!

In fact there was another customer, a tourist visiting from my counrty as well. We got to talking. Time went by and I had to leave for my shopping. No sooner than I stood up, I began to feel stomach pain.

I was nauseated but did not throw up. Then as I was now on my way out of their place (beginning to leave my table and head for door) I got this sudden excruciationg pain and as all this happened so fast and was not expected, I wound up the next moment defecating in my new Hawaiian shorts that I had just bought, this light brown lava, that spilled dowm my legs and onto their allready filthy and disgusting floor and well... Lake McDiarrhoea was immediately formed!

This was for me the epitome of embarrassment! I had to cancel shopping and go back to my hotel.

Cost me extra momey but I extended my stay until I could get over this gastroenteritis. I wound up staying two additional days than originally planned for. My trip to San Francisco was RUINED! I had to rebook my return flight back to Schiphol Int'l and back home.

Ruined by, once again, McDiarrhoea! Shameful!

Original review posted by user Jun 21, 2014

THRICE I have eaten at McDonald's (Or as I now refer to them as 'McDiarrhoea'!) and got sick!

1. San Bernardino, CA. I was 17. My sister and I had taken many drives in SoCal area and we stopped at McDonald's somewhere in SB. Whilst I was eating my BigMac meal, I suddenly threw up out my window onto their car park, and then ran to their loo. I was even challenged on getting access to their God *** loo as they complained that I made mess in their precious car park! Manager came out to see what commotion was happening, and finally let me in to their loo himself. There I began to experience a two day episode of gastroenteritis.

2. San Francisco, I was 20. At 16 St/Potrerro location, once again I got sick. Gastroenteritis again. Though not on their premises per se, I did wind up with severe case of runs that lasted throughout day.

3. San Francisco, I was 21. Haight and Stanyan Sts. (by Golden Gate Park). Once again I immediately wound up projectile vomiting (accidently on homeless man: sorry!) and upon arriving home once again; same thing, gastroenteritis with two days+ of vomiting and diarrhoea (among other minor symptoms).

They say 'three is a charm'. This is thrice now that I had gotten ill off of MdDonald's so-called 'food'. While in America (Or at least California) I shall hence forth abstain from ever eating at McDiarrhoea! PLEASE PROTECT YOUR DIGESTIVE TRACT, AVOID McDIARRHOEA (McDonald's) AT ALL COSTS!

Thank you!

Monetary Loss: $30.

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Are you mentally ill or just ***? Seriously this review just made me laugh hysterically! Learn how to make your own food or stop being so cheap.

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