Denver, Colorado
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Recently purchased a used vehicle from the McDonald Auto Group (Mazda), overall not a good experience. I paid cash for the car but they still pulled my credit twice, accessories that were in the vehicle when I viewed it were removed at time of sale, we had agreed a price but they 'fudged' the paperwork and overcharged me by $250.

I had asked why they pulled my credit, no response. I asked after the disappearing accessories, no response. I spoke to my salesperson and submitted a written request for the refund for the overcharge, once again I received no response. As a business owner myself, I find this unfathomable, and shall continue to pursue this out of principle.

What I find amazing is the complete lack of customer care, I'm in the process of buying my wife a new car, which they were aware of, yet they still play silly 'car dealer' games.

They honestly could have had a repeat customer, but it does appear that once they have your money you are no longer given any level of service whatsoever. As such, I strongly recommend spending your money elsewhere.

Product or Service Mentioned: Mcdonalds Customer Care.

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I would never bought the car after what you said they did. This is all your fault so stop blaming other people.