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We went to McDonald located at 1140 Ushy 441, Lauderhil, FL 33313. We ordered food and sat when a gang came inside of Mcdonald.

They were loudly arguing and no one from the staff said something, instead they let these guys inside with no consummation. Why? The reason is because they were inside to steal person who pays. They stole my purse and inside of my purse,among other belongings, there was my key car which was also stolen.

Finally, my husband was seating inside of the McDonald to watch the car while I went to my home for a spare key, and the manager came to distract my husband while at the same time they stole my car and had a crash at McDonald parking. The answer of McDonald is: "We have no liability if a group of person is arguing or steal something. Small detail: cameras are not working and any employee took action? When I called 911 for help and asked for the address, McDonald employees who were in front didn't know the address!!!

Who was protected? The gang or the person who consumes and pays????

Product or Service Mentioned: Mcdonalds Manager.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

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Ridiculous! MacDonald's MUST held liable for MANY reasons!

Good job bringing them to light. No offense intended, but one suggestion I have for not only your story, but just about EVERY other story I've read on this blog. PROOFREAD before posting! It makes your stories not only more credible, but also more READABLE!

Best of luck with your attempt recovering your property!

Don't let McDonald's off the hook here! O:-)


Could you please learn English and use proper grammar. You posted comments are at a 3rd grade level.


Actually this has unfortunately has become a very common tactic by many businesses and yes you're exactly right. They are involved in what takes place.

They aide and abet the criminals. Eric Holder and Obama taught them this.


Just call Obama. They were probably some of his 'sons' that he backs up no matter what they do.

Good luck.