Mississauga, Ontario
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went 2 mcdonald restaurant yesterday in the evening 7.00pm to get my son his dinner achicken nuggets combo with a mcflurry for myself the manager handed my order until my son decided he wants a mcflurry as well so when i told the manager i want anoher one she turn around and rolled her eyes as if im bothering her to make another one. i think that for a manager she should not have a stink attittude she should set an good role model for her staff or better yet get a course on how to become a better customer service.

Product or Service Mentioned: Mcdonalds Manager.

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McDonalds SUCKS! The customer service at McD's is horrid nearly 99% of the time.

Complain and they send you a little certificate for another meal and do NOTHING about it.

Sick of them

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