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My daughter and I took my two young children and my grandchild to McDonald's today for a quiet happy lunch before we sit down together and try to explain in an age appropriate manner what happened to twenty children in Newtown, Connecticut. The little ones are 6, 7, and 9 and we have shielded them from the news as best we can and want to be sure that they are prepared to understand what they will hear when they return to school on Monday. That is a parent's job.

But when we entered the McDonald's at 934 York Rd in Towson, Maryland, all three TV's were tuned to news stations blasting constant reports about the shooting and the children who lost their lives. I asked the manager to please change the channel so the children would be protected from the media reports and she refused. She told me that it wasn't "Fair" to the adults in the restaurant that wanted to watch the news and compared it to watching a Ravens game while we eat!

The manager actually had the audacity to tell me that I can't shelter my young children from the news and that, if I don't want them exposed to it, I should eat somewhere else.

After repeated attempts to get her to change the channel or turn off the TV, I stepped up on a table and unplugged the TV. The manager threatened to call the police and have me arrested. I invited her to do so. I guess the police refused to respond because they never showed up.

I called corporate to report the incident and they said they don't dictate policy to the individual franchises. It is simply incomprehensible to me how ANYONE or any entity can be so callous and heartless in such a situation, especially McDonald's, a store that solicits the business of families, hands out cute little toys with every "Happy Meal" and provides playgrounds for young children.

I will NEVER eat at ANY McDonald's ever again and I call on anyone who has a soul to boycott the chain and let them know that we will all put our children first ALWAYS!

The store we visited is at 934 York Rd, Towson, Maryland, 21204. The store phone # is 410-823-6760 and the corporate number is 800-244-6227. The manager at this particular store is Cynthia Hall.

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Wow, you suck.


First of all, every living person has a soul. So, I still do have a soul, even though I will not boycott McDonald's.

Not that I eat there at all, anyway, since fast food is *** for the most part. Second, you can't dictate to businesses you walk into how they are to run their business. The people there wanted to listen to the news, so you just turn around and go elsewhere or as was suggested, cook at home. When 9-11 happened, the schools kept the televisions off, and only the teachers lounge had one for them to hear the news.

So, most of the parents broke the news to their children in private, without strangers around.

I would suggest to you that the appropriate place to tell your little ones about this horrible event would have been in the privacy of your own home, and not to take them out for a Happy Meal, then spring it on them.


Mind your business and not the rest of the world!!!!! Get off your *** and cook at home ! You have no right telling a business what they can and cant do!!!!!!!!


Your complaint is absolutely ridiculous. One, it is completely unfair for you to shelter your kids from the world; only bad results can come from that.

Second, you have zero right to dictate what a private business can do, if it feels like leaving the news on it can! Why should they change everything just for you?

If you want privacy for your kids, take the meal and eat it in your home. That's your right.