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Watch out for the newest scam at McDonald's. I stopped in for lunch at the Parmatown location (Parma, OH) and ordered the McDouble value meal, which was listed on the menu board for $3. When the cashier rang me out, she said "$4.18." I realized she had automatically up-sized the meal to a medium without even asking me what size I wanted. Like a fool, I paid for it, because I didn't want to come off as a cheapskate arguing over a dollar.

They used to ask you what size meal you wanted, small, medium, or large. Then, they started asking "would you like to upsize that to a medium or large?" Now, they don't bother asking and just automatically do it to make a larger profit.

Pretty shady practice, if you ask me.

Product or Service Mentioned: Mcdonalds Cashier.

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No. That's the point.

The price of the meal and the drink combined did not add up to the price advertised on the board. That's the whole point of this posting.

Either there was a stealth increase to the sales tax to 29% or they're scamming their customers.

I'm pretty sure it's the latter. :x


ok so the receipts at McDonald's work a little different, there is A price for the fries and the sandwich and then there is a drink price and those 2 combined equal the price on the menu board then you must pay any applicable sales tax.


They don't equal the price on the menu board though. It's more, plus the sales tax.

Typically, the menu board price includes the price for the drink and the side. Not at McD's.


I know, dude. I remember my manager telling me that once when some guy was asking about the price.

If you look at the receipts from there, there'll also be a drink price next to the drink under the combo listing. That place sucks to work at too.


Wow, JC, you aren't kidding that's shady. How is it a meal if a drink isn't included?

I notice they don't mention that, they just say "What would you like to drink?" implying that it's included.

Thanks for the info.


Unfortunately, McDonalds only offers medium and large meals now. They've done that since at least 2010, which is when I initially got a job there.

The meal price listed is, I believe, only for the fries and the sandwich.

The drink price is added, plus tax. It's a *** way to do it, but that's how it is unfortunately.


Good to know. Thanks for the tip.

When they do something like this, you need to refuse to pay for the larger size, etc.

If a meal comes in more than one size, they need to ask you what size you want. If they do not, then tell them to give you the size you want.