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McDonald’s Corporation has the WORST customer service EVER!!!! On May 2, 2014 at 4:04 p.m., I ordered a Big Mac Meal at the McDonalds located at 1907 Center Point Road, Birmingham AL 35215 (Store # 3040).

When we got my home, my son discovered there was no meat in his Big Mac Sandwich. I called and asked for a manager and a female named “Concession” was given the phone. I told her that my son’s hamburger did not contain meat. She asked me if I would like to come back. I told her no, but I would call my husband and ask if he would pick up the meal on his way home.

My husband couldn’t pick up the food, so I called back, and asked to speak to the store manager that wore the braids (I noticed on my visit that she wore a blue uniform). Well, I didn’t get to speak to “Ms. Geraldine” because I was put on hold for ten minutes. Not wanting to be on hold forever, I hung up and called back. It took eight more phone calls, but a female who identified herself as “Geraldine” answered the phone. When I began to explain to her what happened, she told me “hold on” and called “Concession” to the phone. I began to recite my story AGAIN when “Concession” interrupts me and states, “You said it was a Egg McMuffin.” I stated, “No it was a Big Mac Meal”. And while I’m still explaining someone else gets on the phone asking can they help me.

“No”, I state. “This is ridiculous” Have a nice day!

So after trying 9 times with no success to calmly tell ADULT women how they screwed up an order, I hope this post gets some attention!!

Monetary Loss: $5.

  • McDonalds Center Point Al
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There's goes "welfare-to-work" in action.

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