Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
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So, I go into my local McDonald's and the guy was all like, "you want fries, muthafucka...pour some salt on this!!!" and showed my son and I his manhood (trouser snake). It was gross.

I am very unpleased with my experience. I wish somebody would have told me that this could happen....ya know, some woman to man advice. Bah duh bah pa ba...I'm not lovin it.

That wasn't even the worst part. The supervisor saw this happening and encouraged it.

He knelt down on the ground and pointed to the gentleman's *** sausage with joy and enthusiasm.

The flasher then went over to my previously delicious looking McChicken and, in his own words, sprayed some golden arches on it whilst recieving high fives from other crew members. I understand the company wanting to create an encouraging/team atmosphere, but the *** party parade that took place on and around my McDonald's experience was just inappropriate.

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Why isnt this obvious fake "complaint" deleted from this site?


roflmao what an *** :grin


Take pictures or it did not happen.


:( You are a freakof nature!!!! Why would you say any of this except to get your own perversions fed!!!!


loved the golden arches bit. Too funny.

Got a great laugh, thanks!!! :grin :grin


So lame...that's all you could come up with...not a good storyteller my friend...


i just have one question, how big was his fuckstick?

you guys are the *** if you don't know that this person only posted this to get laughs as a prank as a joke.


you are delusional if you think anyone is going to believe this, you lying, disgusting freak.


Do you expect people to believe this you sick ***???? Your not even a little bit funny!!!!!!