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I arrived here today with my daughter and her teenage friend. Both 13.

They ordered their very simple orders. Iced Lattes with fries. A girl named ONAYA brought them a hot coffee took almost 20m. My daughter very shy and politely said no ma'am I ordered a ice coffee.

ONAYA looked at her asked her three times "you didn't order a hot coffee" and my daughter answered each time no ma'am. This employee rolled her eyes at my daughter walked away and threw the drink in a nearby sink. I grabbed the receipt said excuse me to this employee to point out she had gotten the drink wrong and the receipt even says iced so there wasn't a reason for this employee to get upset and preteens for HER mistake !!! She began to yell at me !!!

Tell me to be quiet and kept placing her hand up and walking towards me. I told her to return our money !!!! Step said I'm not returning nothing and said that girl can give you y'alls money. Back.

A very soft spoken manager on duty heard this all and just said shhhhh to her employee acting out!! I begin to ask why is she allowed to act this way to the manager about the employee and ONAYA yelled she has a headache and will SPIT in all our faces !!!! The manager did nothing !!! Nothing.

I asked for the GM. Was told his name was Victor no number provided just he's in a meeting.

I filed a police report on ONAYA who threatened to spit on us for her mistake !!!! Disgusting place will never return!!!

Product or Service Mentioned: Mcdonalds Customer Care.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

McDonalds Cons: Employees.

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I am an employee of McDonalds and a Cashier and I am so sorry for how you all were treated. There was no excuse for that behavior.

We all make mistakes I have made the wrong Drink before. She should have just apologized for her mistake and made you the right drink. I apologize for this employees very bad behavior. If I was this girl's manager I would have told this girl to clock out and go home and then written here up.

The problem with McDonald's is the Managers hands are tied. They personally could not fire this girl. The only one who could is the store Manager. Which I feel this girl really deserved.

Managers at McDonald's are basically babysitters. They don't have the authority to really discipline an employee all they can do is write them up. People are always calling off and are late.

If they were to do this at any other job besides fast food they would be let go. Again Sorry for you bad experience


Are dogs allowed inside of McDonald's. What if it's a little tiny dog that can fit inside of a purse? If it is well behaved and keeps quiet, is it allright if I bring it inside with me?