Houston, Texas

In August, 2006 , I was travelling by bus and it stopped at the only place open at 6 am in Quartzite, AZ, McDonald's. I had no eaten since the day before and wanted to make tea in my canteen but they wouldn't give or sell me hot water and I had to use the cold water in the fountain .

They refused to sell anything substantial to eat at that hour and so I settled for two sausage and cheese sandwiches. I had nothing else to eat. Eight hours later, in Lordsburg, NM I had to be taken off the bus by ambulance and hauled to the hospital in Deming, NM with food poisoning. I stayed over night in Deming and lost luggage on the bus because I wasn't in El Paso to collect it and transfer it on.

It was diagnosed after tests as food poisoning and that's ALL the food I'd had in 24 hrs. I sent the bill to McDonald's and they said sure they would take care of it. Well guess what, the scheisters wrote me to basically say "You can't prove anything, we don't owe a dime". Well, I tried talking sense to them and getting them to do right.

They refused , so I called the scheisters in Chicago and told them if I got a bill from a collection agency for that then I would start telling everyone how they poisoned me and then refused to make up for it. I have been telling people all over the US just how they did me, just as I said I would. I intend to cost them a *** of a lot more than the bill would have . I have a pastor friend who had to retire early , partly due to liver damage from food poisoning he got at , you guessed it, McDonalds.

His parishoners and their friends and families and my friends and families all know and the kids I work with at school and the faculty and staff all know and I have been posting and telling everyone I can just how cheap and unethical they have acted towards me. If McDonald's read this then I told you what I was going to do if you didn't pay those nice people at Mimbres Memorial Hospital in Deming, NM. Guess what. I'm honest.

I keep my word. When I tell you I am going to do something, I do it.

Unlike some people I have met...........Pay the lousy bill and I will stop giving you all the bad publicity.

Monetary Loss: $3.

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Not even 24hhr after I had a Big Mac, Fries and A Milkshake, I have food poisoning..... Should I complain my little brother has it to.


I work at mcdonnalds, I went there this morning with a few Co workers and had a sausage and cheese mcgriddle. I've been sick since before I even left.


I actually had fopd poisoning today from Mconalds on Somersville in Antioch !!! Yes, the one near panda express.

If you are reading this I plead you to stop eating this garbage (even animals deserve much higher quality food, think about that. and I am an animal lover.)

Research GMOs, and the truth will set you free, as well as adding years to your life.


The people will NOT tolerate your absolute garbage any more.


My boyfriend, cousin and I all ate chicken from Mcdonalds Rockdale two nights ago and we all have Food Poisoning now. My boyfriend was complaining one hour after eating McDonalds that he was in serious pain and his cousin was vomitting last night.

I feel extremely nausious, dizzy and sweaty.

I seriously hope this does not last long. Apparently if i go to the GP he can file a report to the Health Department about how i got food poisoning from McDonalds.


I had food poisoning twice from rockdale first time was one of my kids and I .. Second time today was only me do far

Never again


I ate a McChamp burger early one morning, probably about 3am. Next two days I've had diarrhea on and off all day and night, stomach cramps, intense headache and its still continuing on the third night. Safe to safe I won't be having McDonald's again.


A *** fast food company to run for those lazy jerks.


Fu$% McDonald's ! Lucky that my kids didn't get sick and only I did!

My stomach hurts so bad right now feels like it's going to burst! I had food poisoning when I was a little girl but I never remember it being this painful! No to mention the *** an runs! Throwing up every time I drink something!

*** ..

Nasty *** place they will get there *** sued one day for this *** I swear! :cry :(


You know I had mcdonalds yesterday. After eating a bacon and cheese burger I felt fine.

Hours later my stomic started to hurt alot. A pain I cant describe. I tried to sleep on it but I woke up having to run to the bathroom. I was on the toilet for a good 40 minutes.

After that I tried to go back to sleep but I had to run to the toilet again and I was vomiting for 10 minutes.

I'm typing this hours later and my stomic still is hurting with a pain I cant describe. If i look or smell at food I *** a bit and almost throw up.


yesterday I had a egg bacon and cheese breakfast burger and went to take a nap, then woke up not long after. Had to sit on the toilet for hours trying not to puke.

Stomach still hurts and it's hard to walk or get up.

It feels like a *** monster is trying to rip my stomach open and jump out. :cry




I am SO sick right now it's rediculous. I had a bigmac and fries for dinner and now I cant stop throwing up and it's 3am.

Thanks a lot McDonald's.

Never again. :sigh


I had a late night run and got a cheeseburger from Mcdonalds. Next morning...I was vomiting like no other.

I was sick in bed for 72 hours! I couldn't even move. I was nauseous the entire time. Never again Mcdonalds.

With all these comments they should really be more clean or whatever they need to do so that people don't get food poisoning. That should never be an issue, ever.


I'm f$@ing sick right now from eating late night mcdonalds. I noticed after eating an apple pie that it was STAMPED as overdue, the other one was not overtue by time.

I got sick before I was even finished eating my meal. I still have the reciept with the time and date on it and the apple pie box, I think I CAN prove this one, f324zslkakjhhqwkeyoiu ALL night I was jumping out of bed to the toilet.


I had two Christmas performances last Sunday and by the time I got home it was late. The only thing I had was a banana that morning--it was a school night and my mom didn't really want to make dinner so we just went to McDonald's.

Had a burger. Big mistake. I wokeup at 3am and had to run to the bathroom before I puked all over my room. I was up all night with stomach pain and I threw up three more times.

Coming from someone who has only thrown up twice their whole life, it was baad. Not to mention it was finals week. Had to stay home from school because I couldn't get up or else I'd start throwing up more. I was dizzy, nauseated, and had the worst headache ever.

Went to the doctor and they told me I had food poisoning gave me some nausea medicine and told me to drink lots of fluids. It's five days later and everything I eat is causing my stomach to feel sick, and I have horrible cramping and diarrhea. It's been a horrible week to say the least.

I can't eat anything without feeling like I'm going to throw up all over again. The joys of a late night McDonald's run.


i ate mcdonalds chicken nuggets the other day, today i have food poisoning from it.


i also had mcdonalds chicken nuggets last night. woke up about 3 hours after eating them to a bad stomach ache.

i thought it was nothing and tryed to head to the bathroom before i even got there i had puked 4 or 5 times and felt the worst ive ever felt.. i knw it as the mcdonalds cuase thats the only thing i ate that day.


I rarely eat fast food but i was in such a rush today that i had mcdonalds southern style chicken sandwich. i have been so sick since, it only took about ten minutes to kick in. I will never again eat fast food..


Just fast food


I ate a dobble quater pounder around 5p.m afternoon woke up around 4a.m. in the moring with a twisted stomach,I had to hurry and get to the toilet before I vomited all over the place.I could not do anything but sit around and wait for this sickness to go away.I hope they close that McDonalds down before they kill someone.