Houston, Texas

In August, 2006 , I was travelling by bus and it stopped at the only place open at 6 am in Quartzite, AZ, McDonald's. I had no eaten since the day before and wanted to make tea in my canteen but they wouldn't give or sell me hot water and I had to use the cold water in the fountain .

They refused to sell anything substantial to eat at that hour and so I settled for two sausage and cheese sandwiches. I had nothing else to eat. Eight hours later, in Lordsburg, NM I had to be taken off the bus by ambulance and hauled to the hospital in Deming, NM with food poisoning. I stayed over night in Deming and lost luggage on the bus because I wasn't in El Paso to collect it and transfer it on.

It was diagnosed after tests as food poisoning and that's ALL the food I'd had in 24 hrs. I sent the bill to McDonald's and they said sure they would take care of it. Well guess what, the scheisters wrote me to basically say "You can't prove anything, we don't owe a dime". Well, I tried talking sense to them and getting them to do right.

They refused , so I called the scheisters in Chicago and told them if I got a bill from a collection agency for that then I would start telling everyone how they poisoned me and then refused to make up for it. I have been telling people all over the US just how they did me, just as I said I would. I intend to cost them a *** of a lot more than the bill would have . I have a pastor friend who had to retire early , partly due to liver damage from food poisoning he got at , you guessed it, McDonalds.

His parishoners and their friends and families and my friends and families all know and the kids I work with at school and the faculty and staff all know and I have been posting and telling everyone I can just how cheap and unethical they have acted towards me. If McDonald's read this then I told you what I was going to do if you didn't pay those nice people at Mimbres Memorial Hospital in Deming, NM. Guess what. I'm honest.

I keep my word. When I tell you I am going to do something, I do it.

Unlike some people I have met...........Pay the lousy bill and I will stop giving you all the bad publicity.

Monetary Loss: $3.

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I am having a huge fight with these fools right now. Same thing.

But my issue is that cross contamination is more than likely the problem.

At the store here, where I got sick yesterday and today, they don't even wear gloves. How bout if the ***, don't wash and touch my food?


The losers still keep replying. Shut up Wally24.

I was hungry and I wanted hamburger. Also the doctor I worked with is a ***. He told me the reason I got sick was because I have not eaten for a while and suddenly ate rich food. What does that quack know.

I did purchase the sandwiches which poisioned me. I asked for free food because I was hungry and left my wallet on the bus. They made an hungry man go to the bus and get his wallet instead of giving me food for free when I explained the situation. Just to prove my point I made one of my students I work wtih write about getting food poisioning and missing work for three days.

Sure this did not happen but I promised to pass her if she wrote something negative on my review. Then I got another student and promised them extra credit if they wrote about being poisined at Mcdonalds.

This was not true however I just wanted them to see that Mcdonalds does not care about people. I got four of the kids I work with to post negative stuff about Mcdonalds and they don't care.


Yesterday morning at around 8 30 in the morning I came to work early so I went into the McDonalds for a Mocha Frappuccino which I did not have in a while. I also decided to get a sausage McMuffin this time with egg.

At around 10-ish, my stomach really hurt.

By 11, my head was over the toilet, I missed a day of work, I got chills, sweats, headache. I would up with food poisoning from McDonalds when I just wanted a nice simple breakfast and there is not other restaurants close enough in walking distance.


I got food poisoned from mc donalds at this very moment and and id say its from the milkshake.. :sigh :( :cry :cry :(


:sigh :?


Are you a boy scout? There are 17 items available for breakfast at mcds, all likely to make you sick, but still good variety.

Why was that your only meal within 24 hours? Food poisining is a reaction of your body to food, not necessarily caused by the food it self, but by the combination of your stomach's condition and its reaction to food. You could have been stressed due to your travels, your life with a "canteen", or your lack of eating for 16 hours. You certantly cant blame mcds for it, its imposible to prove it was "their" food that made you sick, under those circumstances your stomach could have reacted to "any" food in the same manner.

So get educated, all of you, 98.9% of the time the same food will not make you sick. This is a fact, research found that food poisoning is cause by "you", not the food. Many eat the same food again and never get sick, 98.9% of the time, unless they are "allergic" to that specific food. In that case its your own fault if you continue to eat it.

Only one way to find out....

actually about a billion ways to find out. Mcds sells millions of meals a day, 2oo complaints a day roll in, I think those people just need to relax and put those "cantenns" away.


I live in Missouri and I too have received food poisoning from from McDonald's breakfast sausage.


I too got food poisoning from a McDonald's breakfast sandwich and they refused to compensate my 3 missed days from work and had to go to ER! McDonalds refuses to compensate me. They must be held accountable!!


first of all Mcdonalds only sells breakfast at that hour, plus i am really not sure how it is possible that you got the food poisoning since the mcdonalds was probably only open for an hour at most. and fyi some food poisonings take more than 48 hours to incubate.


I hate McDonalds like most people do. However, your story has a lot of holes in it which do not make sense to me.

Why, would they not serve you anything at 6:00 am., if they were open? Were you asking for free food?

Did you purchase the sandwiches that poisoned you? I do not believe an eating establishment is required by law to provide you with hot water for your tea in a canteen.

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