5733 S Kedzie Ave, Chicago, IL 60629
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I had one of the worst experience I’ve ever had at this McDonald’s I asked for my food certain way the attendant gave it to me another way when I asked her to do it the way I ordered she caught an attitude my food came up the second time she seen it there let it sit there for a good five minutes I do have a supporting picture and five minutes later after my food got cold she try serving it to me I ask her that’s my food that you’ve been looking at for the last five minutes and now you’re trying to serve it to me she then proceeded to tell the manager oh just give him his money back At which time the manager did And the video recording shows the rest

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That's the McDonald's Way!All of the employees at McDonald's should be required to dress up with clowns with red noses and poofy red afros and clown shoes and bright yellow and red outfits.