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OK, there are 2 McDonald's in my town (Berea, KY). They both are owned by the same people Brad and Sundae Park.

For about the last 6 years now we have encountered rude employees, nasty restaurant environment, wrong food, wrong food, oh and did I say WRONG FOOD? I have complained and complained to the managers about this until one morning this happened to me. Back in January it was an extremely cold Saturday morning and I decided to surprise my husband with breakfast and hot coffee. I slipped out in my long furry gown, drove to town and got breakfast.

It started to snow a lot and they had asked me to pull up and my order would be brought out to me. I said sure no problem. Then this crew leader comes out and practically throws my food through my window and NEVER ASKED ME IF I NEEDED ANYTHING ELSE. I said hang on is everything here?

she yelled yeah its all there and she ran back inside because it was snowing mind you. Of course when I looked in my bag, there was half of our stuff left out. So me being the "prove you wrong" kind of person I am, I got out in my pajamas and I strolled right in there and I stopped every bit of action going on at the front counter so I could get that girl's attention. She said can I help you and I said yeah you forgot half my order and made me walk in through the weather to get the rest of it.

Ok now I'm telling you, if we have received cold, wrong food hundreds of times in the past 6 or 7 years you know they are doing other people that way and they would complain. So why is this place still doing it? Can somebody tell me? P L E A S E???????????????

I called the corporation and complained and can you believe it??? I am still waiting for that "Mrs.

****** I am so sorry that happened to you, could we do anything to make it better?" Nope never even one stinking I'm sorry. Go Figure

Product or Service Mentioned: Mcdonalds Manager.

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Lol, you wanted to surprise your husband?

Maybe you should have cooked breakfast yourself .


If I received wrong cold food more than once I would not go back, period. You know, they say that one sign of insanity is doing the same thing over and over expecting a different result.