Miami, Florida
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I went to a McDonald's here in cutler bay Florida and received rotten food. I'm not talking a little wilted.

I mean the lettuce was a brown goo jelly and smelled VERY strong, bad enough for all of us notice when I opened the box, after which i vomited. I'm not sure if this was intentional as there would have been no reason for it, but it was inexcusable. There is no justifiable reason for something this rotten be put on food for people to consume. How could food this rancid even be on the assembly line.

There is no way it could have happened over night.

This is weeks worth of rotting. How could this happen?

Monetary Loss: $4.

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It's funny how people have a flare for dramatics I don't believe your story for one second that's a lil far fetched :roll