Rochester, New York

While in Champaign, IL several days ago, I went to a Mcdonald's looking for a quick snack. It was late and night and there was only two employees behind the counter.

My friends and I went in order of ordering, one at a time. Out of the seven of us, I was third to order. I was asking for a fruit smoothie and was interrupted by the cashier sneering "It's broken." with the angriest face I imagine someone could make. I shook it off and said I would have a chicken snack wrap and a small french fry.

My total was around $3.65. I gave her three singles and sixty cents but I lacked an extra nickel. I frantically searched for one, but then I realized I didn't have it. I apologized.

The woman ripped off the receipt angrily and handed it to me. I could understand her anger for not being paid in full, but a measly 5 cents? Anyway, we all waited patiently after we had ordered. When my first two friends had gotten their food, I expected mine soon.

But instead, the fourth person to order got their food before me. I didn't think that much of it until the next three people got their food and I was still waiting. I could see the tortilla lying in the back with nothing on it. The cashier was cleaning near the front counter and the other employee was cleaning some machines or something while my food was going untouched.

For about 8 minutes I waited, not saying anything. Eventually, the fixings were put on (A piece of chicken, lettuce, cheese) and my fries were done. Needless to say, I was furious. I can't believe they would act so rude to someone who didn't have FIVE CENTS to spare.

I have gone to places where I have been 60-70 cents short and the employee is very kind and says "Don't worry about it." I apologized for not having correct change, but I still got treated like dirt. That McDonald's is not getting my business again.

Product or Service Mentioned: Mcdonalds French Fries.

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If you went in with your "friends", why couldn't one of them lend you a nickle instead of bumming money from the cashier (who probably makes around minimum wage)?


Depending on the owner of the store, employees can get in serious trouble for their registers being short even a few cents. Managers are technically the one ones allowed to say "don't worry about it".

It can be grounds for immediate dismissal. As far as other people getting their food before you, often at night we don't keep certain food items (ones that people don't order often) on hand because the freshness timer will expire on them before they are served, so we cook to order.

Grilled chicken takes 7 minutes while crispy takes just a bit less. They should have told you that was the case, but every McDonald's is different.


If you post a complaint here, you might feel a little better. If you complain to their corporation, they just might get into trouble. Personally, I think it is worth taking the chance that they might get in trouble so I usually call corporate when a national chain has a bad store.


Pay up or shut up!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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