Gilbert, Arizona
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I went to the drive through at my local Mcdonalds - 3021 S. Val Vista, Gilbert, AZ 85296 and ordered a diet coke with ice.

I drank the whole coke and when I opened the cup to dump the ice, there was a tiny baby bird inside. I complained to McDonalds headquarters and they did absolutely nothing. I didn't even receive a letter of apology. I will never go to McDonalds again, especially this disgusting one in Gilbert, AZ.

I spoke to several people at the McDonalds headquarters and they were all shocked. I even received a case number - But that is it!!! How can it be that I do not even get an apology?

Just goes to show you that these big corporations don't really care about the consumer.

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get a life you *** *** ***


You people are all ***. I posted this letter two years ago to see how many people would fall for it. You all fell for it. I guess people are very nieve.

To get of subject. I have a bridge in broolkyin I can sell you.

cflke is the only one that can think for themselves.


First of all, I'd just like to say this is the stupidest website I've been to. A website where anyone can post their review of a restaurant or business is a great idea, a website where you only post when you get mad is unfair to the company and obviously just a place where fellow *** can *** about life.


This claim is complete ***. There is now way a dead bird could fit through the machine that the drinks come out of. I work at McDonalds and know first hand how the drink machine work. The tubing and machinery of the drink station would not allow for this.

Ok so you say its the workers fault...uhm no. The worker doesn't even fill the drinks, the machine does it itself. The worker merely puts on the cap and hands it out. There are cameras EVERYWHERE in McDonalds that are viewed constantly so the worker would know better than to put anything in a drink.

Not to mention, the drive through window is beside all drink machines i've ever seen so someone would have witnessed the alleged bird being placed anyhow.

This is just an outright ridiculous claim. Get a life and stop trash talking companies that are run by people who work hard and well.


How the *** could a bird get past the tiny holes the coke come out off on the drinks machine


I believe that about the finger. I don't care what anybody says.

I believe this, too. McDonalds is all around disgusting and maybe the bird was in the syrup that you have to pour into the soda machine. The syrup is packaged in a huge factory, which is a warehouse, which probably has those eave type things up top, and birds hang up there. Ever notice they are in Home Depot or Shop Rite or...all those high ceiling places.

If the bird fell out of the nest into a vat of syrup and whoever poured the syrup wasn't watching-it's very dark, anyway, before it's added to the seltzer...I wish you had a picture. How tiny was it? Like an ice cube or like a bug?

I got a huge worm thing in with vegetables at the Miss America Diner in Jersey City and they charged me anyway for the bread I ate before I saw the bug. i never ordered vegetables at a diner again.


OK -- but just think back to how cool and tasty that drink was BEFORE you found the baby bird....

Mmmm ---- yessssss.... delicious, hm?

There you go! A cool refreshing soft drink! And even some ice -hoorah! The baby bird did not deter your frosty beverage drinking delight. It lacked any aftertaste or unwanted calories.

( And it was FREE ! ) 8)


Looks like you got a sneak peak at our newest product: Chicoke! Combining the sweet taste of Coke everyone loves with a quick protein-snack on the go, it's the perfect treat for the health and time-conscious consumer.

I don't know how you got a hold of an advance sample, but you should consider yourself very lucky. Normally everyday customers don't get products before their release.


hey, complain 265, you hear the report of the staff taking the girl in the back, and trying to rape her, or something like that? that was mcdonald's!!!


There is no way I believe there was a tiny bird in your cup. Do you really think we are that dumb to believe such an outreagous post?

where's the proof? Were you not smart to take a picture?


Go to the doctors right away and complain of stomach upset and headache. have the doctor note your file, then sue McDonalds! :x


How in the *** did a dead bird get in your cup?? Did someone put it in there,or did they just fill up the cup and not notice??

You should of called the police to file a police report, then maybe you would of had proof and then maybe you could of looked into seeing a lawyer and suing this company. You could of also called your local news, I am sure they would of put this story on tv and made McDonald's look extremely bad and lose business.

That is,if this story is true. Remember the finger in the Wendy's chili??


That is so disgusting. I live in California, but I visit my sister in Gilbert every quarter.

I will DEFINITELY not go to this McDonald's, and will pass the word along.