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"Seriously, could you choke this down?" I asked the server.

I love chicken sandwiches, most chicken sandwiches, that is. The last time I ordered one of these at McDonald's and got what I considered an 'incomplete sandwich,' I absolutely believed someone had screwed up in the kitchen. It was nothing more than a fried slice of breast meat, and a plain hamburger bun.

Today, when I ordered the same thing, and opened it to see what was inside, there was nothing but an anemic dill pickle slice and the chicken. That leads me to my next question: "When was the last time you picked up a piece of fried chicken of any kind (drumstick, chicken strip, McNugget) and said 'Dang! What this really needs on top of it is a sour pickle?'" Gross, right?

I took today's sandwich up to the counter, opened it, and asked, "Could I get some mayo for this?" The lady at the counter told me, in so many words, that this is the way these Southern style sandwiches are made, and that if I wanted mayo, I would have to pay extra.

I paid over $5.00 for my meal, and for that amount of money, I did not expect anything fancy, but I did expect something that I would be able to SWALLOW. My husband ordered a different type of chicken sandwich for a dollar more, and his had lettuce, mayo, tomato, and bacon. I don't know what McDonald's is trying to accomplish with this sandwich, but it is just flat awful the way they are serving it, and then to not even give the customer access to condiments to go with their plain bun and chicken slice seems unreasonable beyond the pale. This so-called sandwich defeats its own purpose. The purpose of fast food is convenient, prepared food, that saves time and is ready to eat. If I have to get up from the table, or drive back through the drive thru in order to negotiate for missing ingredients, the food is no longer 'FAST.'

I would gladly pay more for something that I could swallow, and expected at least a little mayo and a lettuce leaf. When I buy ANY kind of food for ANY amount of money in this great country of ours, I expect, at a bare minimum, that it will be something edible.

Seriously, McDonald's. There are very few people who, in the privacy of their own homes, would put a slice of chicken in bread and call THAT a sandwich. McDonald's has a lot of nerve! From this day forward, given a choice, I will spend my $5 somewhere else.

Product or Service Mentioned: Mcdonalds Hamburger.

Monetary Loss: $5.

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I guess things have changed, because the Southern Buttermilk chicken sandwich is served on the same bread as the artisan grilled chicken and does include lettuce, mayo and tomato. NO PICKLES!!!


Why order a sandwich that you obviously don't want and then complain about the ingredients? Why didn't you just order the sandwich that had mayo etc on it?

The southern chicken sandwich is reminiscent of the chicken sandwich served at chick-Fil-a in the south. And people in the south like pickles on their chicken sandwiches.


Speak for yourself, jackazz!


That is how a southern style is made. Bun, two pickles and chicken.

It's shown clearly in the picture on the big giant board. You can't see it, get glasses. If you don't know what comes on it ask. The employees get bored there and believe me we don't mind answering your questions.

If you want condiments just tell them to add it or put it on the side. It's your own fault you can't order fast food correctly.

If the picture doesn't have lettuce then it does not come with lettuce. It's not rocket science.


Amen to that!