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I have never had a worst experience at McDonald's than I had this morning. I went through the drive-thru and ordered food and three small coffees during the promotional period offering of free small coffee.

When I ordered three coffees they asked me if I had three people in my car and I said yes. Then when I arrived up at the window they asked me again and I rolled down my back windows to let them see there were three in my car. The woman at the window then told me they could not give coffee to my teenage daughter and her friend since they were not adults. I proceeded to tell them there is no indication on their advertisements stating you have to be over 18.

The woman went and got the manager of the store who came to the window and stated we do not give coffee to children. It is only for older people. I let her know that there was nothing stating it was for adults only. Then in a judgmental, disrespectful tone of voice she said, "you give your children coffee?" and I said yes at times.

She handed me the coffee with a scowl on her face. Then I find out they purposely did not put cream in two of them as I had requested. I have never had a restaurant try to tell me what I can and can't give my child.

They are not the parent. The customer service at this restaurant is unacceptable and I will never return to this restaurant again.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

Preferred solution: Better customer service training for employees and managers..

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Atlanta, Georgia, United States #882859

I feel sorry for your children.


1. Do you have proof they purposely did not put cream in 2 of the coffees?

What a ridiculous statement.

2. As a parent, it's your choice to give your children coffee, redbull, or other stimulants. It's not a wise thing do to. So you also want McD to have a policy to give simulants to children.

Don;t you realise how ridiculous that sounds?

One could also argue that because a person is a an exterminator, they should put mousetraps in the kids meals!

Too bad for you! The world doesn't run they way you want...

and probably a good thing too. Otherwise, all the kids would be running marathons around the school due to all the stimulants you would have then ingest.

to Mike_mn #882853

I think they should have given you the coffee. What' s the difference in giving them coke or coffee?

Not much.

Too much going on in the world to worry about McDonald's coffee policy.

Worry about ebola and ISIS.


They obviously thought you were getting the coffee for yourself and being a scammer. Not sure why it would be wrong for a teen to drink coffee as it is no different, caffeine-wise, than a soda.


I have also told my daughter she is not to return to this restaurant again and if she does she can find another place to live and won't be living under my roof. This is a shame because the Mcdonalds is next to her high school and she and her friends would go often after school and during lunch.

It is a shame I have to forbid her from going to this Mcdonalds with her friends because of these idiots.

I am the parent here and I can decide what I give my daughter. I am the parent here and I can decide if my daughter can go to this Mcdonalds or not, and if I find out she lied to me and went to this Mcdonalds she will be living with one of her friends or finding her own place to live.

to Anonymous Atlanta, Georgia, United States #876782

Of all the things going on with the youth today you go apeshit over the chance that your daughter goes to a MacDonalds that gave you bad service... Be lucky your daughter isn't out there doing drugs having some stranger buying her beer, so sleeping around.

Maybe it is best that your daughter doesn't live with your psychotic ways.

to Anonymous Atlanta, Georgia, United States #882856

I hope I don't know you. I feel sorry for your children. You need some mental help.


You obviously want the three coffee's for yourself, get a job so you can afford to pay for them. I am sure your daughter's friend's mother does not want her daughter drinking coffee.

Children should not be drinking coffee. So you are a mind reader as well, you know for sure they purposely forgot to give you cream for the coffee, maybe in the temper tantrum you were throwing by making a big deal they purposely forgot. I am surprised they gave you free coffee considering you were acting like a six year old.

After dealing with you they probably thought three teenagers stole a car to go for a joyride. They may not be the parent but you sure did not act like an adult.

to Anonymous #876220

You have no right to judge me, I allow my teenage daughter to drink coffee all the time. I have even supplied her and her friends with beer(as long as it is in the house and supervision).

No one can tell me how to parent my child. Now if my daughter went there herself and they refused to serve her coffee then again I can understand. I used to supply my daughter and her friends with beer until one of the parents found out and called the police on me. The police told me that I should not be serving my child and her friends beer, when I told him that it was only in my house he abused his power because I refused to stop arguing with him.

He said he could not stop me from supplying to my own daughter under my house since there is no law against that in my state, however he said it is not a good idea and he is strongly against it since she is only 15. People have no right to tell me what I can give my children.

to Anonymous #907584

you gave your 15 year old daughter beer. are you serious?

that's illegal. people can tell you what you can and can't give your child if it is an OFFICER OF THE LAW.

why would you continue to argue with a cop? the drinking limit is in place to protect teens and young adults who are not ready for the repercussions that come with alcohol consumption.

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