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My last McDonalds restaurant experience… I’m Not Loving it!!!

McDonalds normally excels in my opinion in food consistency. However, they obviously don’t have the same consistency in their customer service and management training.

On Sunday, October 5, 2014 at approximately 6:20 PM, I drove through the McDonalds drive-thru at their 1499 Russell Cave Road, Lexington, KY 40511 location. The drive-thru service was quick. I ordered a large sweet tea, half-cut with lemon as I do no fewer than 5 to 6 times a week. I paid at the first window and was quickly given my drink at the second window and off I went. Approximately a ½ mile down the road I removed the straw from the package placed it in the drink and proceeded to take a big sip. It immediately burned my throat and tasted worse than burned coffee grounds. It was extremely dark to the point when I moved the liquid around in the glass it almost stained the white cup it was in and smelled extremely strong again like burned or scorched coffee. I turned around and went back to the location to first try to figure out what it was that I had just consumed and to get the proper drink I had requested. When I got to the restaurant, there were approximately 4 other people in the lobby two of which were complaining. One gentleman proceeded to tell me that he was in the store for 7 ½ minutes before someone even acknowledged him which I would be somewhat apt to believe since he had a timer up on his android phone that he showed me as he stated this fact. Finally someone asked if they could help me and I proceeded to tell them and show them the drink I had received. She quickly took the drink, told me it would be no problem and started to get me a new drink asking if I wanted two lemons in it as well.

This is when everything turned upside down and very dark! A person that I later come to find out was the manager came over and asked what the problem was. I proceeded to tell her the exact same story I had already told the young lady that was pouring me another drink and was told by her that they had been serving the tea all day and have had no complaints, in the most arrogant and condescending voice you could imagine! Perhaps, I shouldn’t be so sensitive but that sounded to me that you are telling me that my opinion is unimportant and the fact that I would turn around and burn more gas than the $1.06 the tea even cost was *** and I should have just kept it. As, I looked around to the other customers in the lobby that heard what she said and her tone of voice they looked as bewildered and bumfuzzled as I did. I told this Barbara – The manager, exactly how her commented sounded and she was very unforgiving about her comment and the attitude in which it was given. I would have let it go at that point… however when the tea was brought back to me the young lady that was helping me which was very courteous suggested that I taste it to make sure it was acceptable before obviously leaving for a second time. Which was smart and was much appreciated… Especially, because when I tasted the tea it was identical to the first one I had received if not worst only difference being it was not as sweet. When I asked to speak to the manager… Barbara tells me she is the manager and again they have received no complaints about the tea all day. I suggested to her to taste it for herself now that it was obvious that it wasn’t just what was in my glass but the whole batch obviously had problems. She then told me, “I don’t drink tea!” So, I’m not a coffee drinker either but if my customer told me there was a problem with the coffee I think I would be more than willing to either (A) Taste it. (B) Have someone taste it. Or (C) Take them on their word, dump it and prepare a fresh batch. Her unwillingness to give any options other than to make me feel like it was me with the problem or somehow my taste buds are at fault because I was obviously the first person to complain about this batch of tea really again puzzled me. I really didn’t want my money back… I just wanted a drink that didn’t taste like rancid swamp water! She rudely gave me my $1.06 back and in the most patronizing way possible told me to have a nice day! When, I asked her why are you being so rude, with two other customers now chiming in coming to my defense about how pitiful that location was and how their current visit was less than stellar as well. She told me to leave HER store before she called the police on me. REALLY!!! You are going to call the police on me because I’m expecting to be treated like a human being in a retail establishment that I just gave you my business? I told her that I have a few friends that have worked at McDonalds Corporate office and I know this is not how they train their managers. She proceeded to tell me she had 20 years with the company… again as if to say I know what I’m doing… and with 20 years letting me know she was invincible and untouchable to any type of coaching or reprimand and I guess making clear she can treat McDonalds customers however she chooses.

So perhaps she was just having a bad day, perhaps this bad attitude is the reason that after 20 years you are still a store manager which she obviously disliked being…

All I know is I took my $1.06 and drove right down New Circle Rd. to the McDonalds at 1114 New Circle Road, Lexington, KY 40505-4137 and guess what I ordered?

A large sweet tea, half-cut with lemon…

How did it taste? Exactly like the no less than 70 – 80 I have purchased this year alone which as always, I enjoyed immensely.

I don’t know what Barbara’s problems are with McDonalds or their customers but you can guarantee I will never EVER be back to that location again…. EVER!!! Did I say NEVER? Just wanted to make sure you caught that!!! I’ll just drive down the street to another McDonalds or just go across the street and get a Coke from TACO BELL!

I have known many people that have worked for McDonalds and I know that they spend a lot of money on the training and personal development of their managers… however I do recognize that sometimes a few bad apples make it into the box and hopefully are removed before turning the other good apples bad. I suggest you closely review this apple or at the very least I suggest a few refresher courses at the Hamburger University to help her get her act together before she runs off any more customers…

Many people would love to work for arguably the best fast food restaurant in the world and would appreciate the customers that have and continue to make it great! I think this employee should take some ownership in how she single handedly took an almost infallible system and broke it because of her own attitude and ego.

McDonald’s – I’m not loving it!!!

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

Preferred solution: At the very least I deserve an apology for how I was treated in your store... totally uncalled for!.

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Wow... I like to look up reviews on places I eat before I go there.

Even fast food places. I was in the drive through line when I read this. I had ordered and everything... Luckily, I saw this before paying....

Lol... I just drove off! Decided to go to Arby's instead!

This Smokehouse Brisket is **** Good! And the girl at the drive through was friendly and fast!


Well-written complaint with valid points.


I have had similar issues with the same manager at the exact same location in front of the Walmart... unless they have two managers at that location named Barbara.

Doubtful two people in the same restaurant with the same position would have the same spiteful attitude. As far as I'm concerned they should just shut that franchise location down. I reached out to McDonalds corporate and they did nothing with my complaint as if to say they condone their bad behavior.

I just stopped going there and having pretty much taken McDonalds off my families plate. Sometimes I get the occasional coffee but I'm done with what they call food!


I've been to a lot of McDonalds... this is the worst location I have ever been too by far!