Saginaw, Michigan
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The 1.00 sweet Ice Tea at Mcdonalds is a scam. Mcdonalds staff say they must fill it with ice and have informed customers in the area that they have to put ice in them.

I have sensitive teeth! So as a customer forget the sweet tea at MCdonalds. The south michgan in saginaw store. How can they do that i thought customers were always right.

Not sure if all Mcdonalds are on this ice filling scam but be careful they are makng a ton of money of this. And the are rude about it.

They say it a policy but not do you have a policy on drinks.

Monetary Loss: $1.

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Some people like the extra ice, freaking order light ice. And as for your "sensitive teeth", MCDONALDS SWEET TEA ISNT FOR EVERYONE.

Mcdonalds in GENERAL isnt for everyone. Go get some freakin splenda for ffs you crybaby.


Typical American corporate hubris! This is but one example of 'Corporate Fascism'! Welcome to the 'New Amerika'!


I work at a McDonalds as an Assistant Manager. It is not required to put ice in any of our drinks.

That is something that the Store Manager and Management team is trying to pull and apparently are getting away with.

Yes as another poster said they sit in containers that are not chilled but if you want no ice, light ice, extra ice or whatever you're supposed to get what you asked for. I would call the 1-800 # if they are a Corporate store or get the number to their main office if they are a franchise and complain.


I want 32oz of iced tea not 30 oz of ice and a sip of tea.. they realized the the tea drinking community is going to mcdonalds in droves to get such a great deal on southern tea.

and its not that expensive to make, so whats the deal. but its only at certain mcdonalds..not all. i've noticed in urban areas the dumb workers misunderstand how much ice is required. you dont have to put ice in soda so when they were ordered by mcdonalds to put a full cup, which means about an 8oz cups worth, they fill it to the top.

so you get no iced tea, and if you tell it to them, they look at you like a deer in headlight..CLUELESS. some locations put it in a smaller cup.

when this hits the news it will be solved because its frustrating talking to adolesant idiots over ice in a cup. the youth of today are *** and ignorant people apply and stay at mcdonalds because once they've conqured the lawas of burgers, they feel they've made it in life and theyre smarter than all the customers.

@dirty daddy (again)

Uh... I am part of youth population myself, and I do not subscribe to American stupidity!

I sort of take offence here by your generalised comment.

I am in Nederland as this must be an AMERICAN problem, not necessarily totally worldwide. Thank you!


i've had nothing but horrible experiences with the doedoes at the mcdonalds counters with filling the cup past the top..its ***. i see the container its kept in, a lil ice is required, not filling it to the brim.

its not hot and if someone wants more ice, give it to to them. when is the customer's request no cared about?


I used to work at McDonalds, so I can (sort of) explain this. The ices tea is kept at room temperature all day.

When its in that big container, it isnt being chilled, so the workers are required to put ice in the cup to chill it. If they didn't, people would complain about warm ICED tea (see the problem with that?). They shouldn't have been rude about it, but honestly a minimum wage worker can't be expected to discern if you are just being picky or have a serious reason to not want ice in it. Next time bring or ask for another cup to pour the tea out of the cup once it has been poured over the ice.

Youll still get your $1 worth of cold tea, with no pain from the ice. Oh and the same policy applies to iced coffee, in case you were wondering.


If you insist on getting your tea here, why don't you try telling them you want little or no ice in your tea. If they refuse, talk to the manager.

If they are still rude, there is a 1-800 number that is printed on their cups that you can call and complain. You can also get on their website to get some answers and complain. As a customer, you shouldn't have to take this ***..What is this McDonald's problem, that they cannot hold off on the ice?

Are the employees personally paying for every drop of ice tea that they put in the cup or do they get paid more by how much ice they put in a cup? I don't think so!!!


Get a tea somewhere else. Are u that retarded that you can't figure it out on ur own? :?


Drink out of a straw and stop complaining.