Chicago, Illinois
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o all this *** still doesn't explain WHO THE *** IS GRIMACE!?

and why did they contact adam west and george bush?

those people are members of the bavarian society,i.e...the illuminati new world order

i dropped some acid one night about 10 years ago and was eating grapes and tripping balls managed to choke on one and as i laid there- life escaping me- i saw grimace choking me then i came to and spit up the grape and i could swear i heard a demoniac laugh from all directions;is this coincidence or am i right!?.....i think grimace is an evil monster and has haunted me most of my life. since i was like 5

i used to have a severe bed wetting problems i would see the fry girls dancing over me and grimace would "take EM out" and come after me and scream "i want your pee-pee"and i would proceed to wet the bed. this problem has traumatized me all my life. i`m 46 now and no help in sight

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hes seriously ***!


lol troll


wow,r u serious?

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