Winnetka, Illinois

I ate Mcdonalds then I had to ***. FML!!!

The *** was not solid whatsoever. It was runny and smelly. After wards I had anal leakage and my *** was extremely itchy for a couple weeks. I had to use desitin and cool baby wipes too.

I would recommend a diaper immidiatly after consumption of the food from there. Oww my butt hurts so bad. So so so bad. Like prison rape.

*** you mc donalds. Taco bell is better than this place and they serve dog food.

My toilet broke down from all the liquid poo poo that ran out of my booty. Wah Wah Wah my anus is sore and burning.

Monetary Loss: $3.

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HAHA... I'm sorry, but the way you wrote that was extremely hilarious.

I do, however, have sympathy for you: I hope you never have "liquid poo poo that [runs] out of your booty" again.


Go lick Ronald McDonald's a*s*s*h*o*l*e, funny boy.