Toronto, Ontario
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I had a very disappointing experience at Mcdonalds. First of all I eat there often and their doors are shrinking because I could not fit through the doors anymore. I had to squeeze myself through. Then I ordered 20 big mac meals and only got 19. I was still hungry and ordered more. I told them that I wanted buy one get ten free. It is not that I am not willing to pay. Pocket somehow shrunk and my hand cannot fit in. Guess what they said no. Then when I tried to leave the restaurant I could not. They had to put butter around me just so that I could leave the restaurant.

Next day I thought I would go to drive thru but just when I sat down on my seat my wheels of my bike busted. I phoned the restaurant and asked if they could deliver and they said NO.

My husband will hear about this. He works at Mcdonalds home office as a janitor after being fired from Janitor at Walmart for jacking off in the ladies washroom.

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LOL Wonder if MrsLea01 has seen this yet.


lol@parody complaint.

Though a little overboard for my tastes.


wow so now you either divorced your last husband and got a new one or now you somehow have two?? I'm not surprised to hear that you ate that much food, that's crazy though.


So now your husband works at home office in Mcdonalds. I guess not Mcdonalds has to put up with give me what I want I am a princess attitude.

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