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this is not a email about one particular store, this is about McDonalds Corp practice. for over ten years i have been complaining about your stores manipulating the prices of their products.

when i first complained it was about getting charged 4 different prices for the same exact order depending on who was working the register at the time. and of course nothing was done about it except an offering of free food to pacify me which really upset me more then the price manipulation. now every time i order a steak biscuit i have to pay for a steak egg and cheese bagle at a cost of almost $4.00 dollars and when i tell them i dont want the egg or the cheese i still have to pay for those items anyway. if i order cheese i have to npay extra and if i order egg i have to pay extra so when i dont want these items why do i still have to pay for them.

i was told the manager wont let them ring it up as a biscuit with steak where i would only pay for what i get, i have to pay for the items i dont get. this is what i consider price manipulation. the easiest way to handle this is to put a steak buscuit on the menu. i have got this item for as little as &1.49 before by ordering a sausage buscuit and subbing the sausage for steak.

i have paid $1.49, $1.99, $2.12 and $3.49 all for the same steak biscuit, now this is price manipulation. this is about at my limit of toloration for this practice and am about to ask the media if there is a concern for McDonalds customers about your acceptance.

Product or Service Mentioned: Mcdonalds Manager.

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Hey, cheapskate. How about you stop your whining and make yourself a nice, homecooked meal once in a while.

You'll save money...and your cardiovascular system will thank you. Not to mention the McDonald's you no doubt harass every day.

I bet they spit in your food when they see you coming. Food for thought :grin


Do you know how ridiculous it would be for McDonald's to itemize each item on their menu? For example:


2 BEEF PATTIES @ $0.33 EACH = $0.66

2 PICKLES @ $0.04 EACH = $0.08

1 BUN CROWN = $0.11

1 BUN HEEL = $0.11

KETCHUP = $0.02

MUSTARD = $0.02

If you expect McDonalds to itemize each item on every sandwich down to the sesame seeds, then I expect you to pay for each pump of ketchup you serve yourself (or for each ketchup packet), each sugar, salt, and pepper packet, and every napkin. In addition, if you use the restroom, you better D A M N well pay for the toilet paper, flush of the toilet, the soap and water to wash your hands, and the electricity for the hand dryer.


You got your wish. You complained that you were charged different prices for the same item.

After complaining to the management, you got your wish: "now every time i order a steak biscuit i have to pay for a steak egg and cheese bagle at a cost of almost $4,.00 dollars ". Be careful what you wish for.


and by the way.. when you get something taken off of an order then you don't save money.

what's next? you'll order a Mcdouble from the dollar menu and you tell them that you don't want pickles and you expect them to *** 50 cents?


that's not called price manipulation. that's called you being an annoying, picky, miserable ***