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After a long 12 hour shift I decided to visit my local mcdonals for a quick meal before heading to bed, I out of all the odds was the first customer starting 12 o clock, they asked me to wait while they restart the system, fair enough no complaints, then I was greeting by an unpleasant worker later to be named, who kept using the unprofessional phrase 'yeah yeah'. I was then asked to pay at the next window, the name of the rude worker is Reece, rude person with no smiles.

After the payment was complete I was told 'go the next window' am no expert but am sure they are supposed to ask 'can you drie to the next window PLEASE'. Never the less I went and after recieving my food, with no reciept despite paying by card I starte to eat. The chips seemed refried, where luke warm if that and where salty as ready salted crisps, I left them to the side, I went on to having a drink to wash the unpleasant taste out of my mouth, to see my cup was half empty, understandable I asked for no ice but in the current climate who wants ice, even still having half a cup full of drink is rediculous, staying calm I let that go an went onto my mc chicken sandwich meal, a regular to McDonald's I eat this regularly, taking I *** to have the awful taste of gone off salad, stale hard buns and a chicken peice which tastes like its been in the microwave, after taking this *** I took the salad out and still every *** was horrific.

From this I placed it all in the bin leaving me with an upset stomach and wanting me never to return at this branch for a log while.

Thank you for listening the branch I visited is the thurmaston 24/7 McDonalds

Product or Service Mentioned: Mcdonalds Sandwich.

Monetary Loss: $3.

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are you sure you were at McDonald's if you were eating chips..? unless fries are called chips in Dublin.


Come on, your stomach didn't get upset from bad food, that fast. As for your treatment at the window where you paid for the food.

I used to work at a fast food place and when I worked the "rear window" There was no set rules for how to tell/ask the driver to pull ahead. I usually said "please pull ahead". I know some of the others that worked at that window used the terminology that you stated. I can't see that it is any big deal.

Also at one time I worked in a factory, 12 hour shifts standing in one spot.

When I got off work at 7AM, I went straight home, made a couple pieces of toast, got my daughter off to school, then went to bed. I really think you are making a mountain out of molehill.