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At 3.00 oclock this morning 3/1/2013 i really fancied a mcds so went to my local and not open only wknds is allnite, so still starving for mcds went bout mile or two down road to 24hr mcds. Checked on notice board times and yes it was 24hr so drove round to give my order and little boys voice said, sorry there will be about a ten or fifteen minute wait as they were cashing up, i said ok as i was starved with flu, so was all set to wait for ten or fifteen minutes, then the young voice said something on the tanoy again, i didnt quite catch what he said so he repeated it ! he said could you go and wait in the car park as there were two customers in front of me so i said ok and this is what i saw on my way out just two mcds workers sitting outside on bench i think smoking and not one customer waiting, so bollocks to mds from now on i go all out of my way to get one and just get *** instead i wonder how many other customers they lost that nite or any other nite .

Product or Service Mentioned: Mcdonalds Customer Care.

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I didn't understand some of that, but here in the states it is up to franchise whether it makes sense economically to be open all night to sell $1 items. At some point, the system has to shut down to tally up the sales so McD corporation,banks, credit card companies, etc can figure up what they get.

It takes about 20 minutes. All electronic. 3:00am is prob slowest time. They explained it to you so you had a choice to wait or leave.

Might as well break employees at that time than any other, right?