Kansas City, Missouri
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If that's your attitude McDonalds, you can have it.

You cannot however get another penney from me.

Unless you want to be equally *** and have a 365White website. Of course it's all the same.

You deserve to go out of business you racist *** company.

You really should consider that your service sucks, your food is so so at best. Why you would alienate white people is beyond me. So keep your food, keep your happy meals, keep your *** service, keep your long wait when three people are in line at the drive through, and keep your racist 365 Black website. I will be spreading this to everyone I know. I will be laughing when you begin closing locations.

Product or Service Mentioned: Mcdonalds Website.

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Wow... Really mcdonalds?

In 2011, I spent over $500 during the monopoly game. Once I saw this problack mcdonalds website, I have been back. Id rather eat somewhere that respects all customers.

Im getting sick of all this pro-black, anti white in America. Blacks in the rest of the world are ashamed of ghetto black Americans.

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