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I have owned a pit bull and she was the most well mannered dog. Apparently McDonalds only has information from the media.

By the way Pit bulls got a bad name because the owners that train them do not know how to train. Any dog that you beat over and over will attack.

I don't understand why McDonalds would even make such a statement it doesn't even make sense who would eat something that you are frightened of? McDonalds should have a bit more common sense than to make such an ignorant statement, but then again McDonalds also doesn't understand that consumers can actually think for themselves and make educated decisions.

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Boise, Idaho, United States #606010

Every walk of life is soooo whiny and sensitive that no one can say or do aything without a big protest. In comparison, a big dog (like a bulldog - known for holding on and not letting go of something) would not elicit the same response as a poodle.

They could have said a lion and someone would *** about that. BTW the meat is 100% pure beef comparible to the top grade at any restaurant or grocery store.

Neither the food is bad nor the employees dumb just bc you don't like an ad.


Anyone who eats McDonalds $#!t is too *** to understand what is being written here.


Kiss my business goodbye that was uncalled for I hope you loose millions of customers! btw your food is nasty as *** and comes from the lowest quality of meat.Gross

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