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One more thing - After paying cash to release our car, I went back to look around at some other parking lots of shopping malls, strip malls around the city. To my utter shock the same towing company had similar sign-boards about towing all across the city shopping malls.

It was a complete shock to see that a city that asks (and needs) tourists/ visitors as its major revenue source is allowing such harassment to continue so brazenly. One gets a feeling the city officials are in-bed with this racket. Please do not visit Atlantic City, NJ because you could in for a \"very unpleasant experience\".

Gov. Chris Christie I hope you are listening.

Original review posted by user Apr 12, 2012

We visited Atlantic City travelling by our car throughout the city by our car. We parked our car at the legitimate parking lots.

On our way back we decided to stop at McDonalds at 31 Akansas Avenue, Atlantic City NJ . While we ordered and ate our food, we saw the shopping outlets across the street and decided to get a couple of items, while our kids (above legal age ) continued to eat in McDonalds. We came back and ordered additional items from this McDonalds. As we got up to leave and got out to the parking lot, we were shocked to find that our car was missing.

Upon inquiry we found out that our car had been towed by Fourteen Towing Service. We were shocked to find that they could just come to the McDonalds and tow away anyone's car on the pretext of abandonment. When we reached the owing company shady office/ lot I confronted the owner/ operator and asked to see some agreement/ contract with McDonalds regards their "right to pick-up my car". I was not provided with anything because there was nothing on premises.

It seemed the whole racket has been created to dupe and harrass Tourists visiting Atlantic City. I also asked if they had any contract with Atlantic City to tow my vehicle - same answer again - nothing. This towing company ONLY ACCEPTS CASH as a "fee to provide service" under NJ Statute UAPV 39:4-56.6 . I called the cops and asked them to intervene only to find out that the whole system in Atlantic City is a mock by-stander to this racket.

The two officers agreed with my case but were "unable" to do anything giving me the feeling that they had their "wings clipped" by the powers in this corrupt and decaying city. I hope that Governor Chris Christie who claims he is the saviour of all people, corrects this Racket created solely for harrassing visiting tourists who bring revenue back to Atlantic City, NJ

Monetary Loss: $200.

  • Chris Christie
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