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Big Mac also cold, with French fries that were cold. Manager was helpful but cook had foot on counter. Another Customer had to wait 20 minutes for her wrong order. This was about 6:30 on a Monday August 9th 2016. I will not be eating here ever again and will tell others of dissatisfaction of service. Inside was dirty, Bathrooms were dirty. Garbage overflowing out of cans. I still have a bad taste in my mouth from old grease, Literly...
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I liked
  • Not a thing
I didn't like
  • Million complains i can proof
Yesterday I visited Mc donalds outlet located in Race Course Mall,Colombo 7.After consuming half of my Big Mc Meal i found a small insect with french fries. Actually i bought two meals one Mc spicy meal & big mc meal.One month ago i faced another bad incident at the same outlet.That day also i bought same favorite meals & i found half consumed mc spicy burger when i opened my box. Other issue is their poor customer service.when i complaint about...
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robbie "insect with frenchfries" like it posessed frenchfries? whats the problem then? id love to find an insect with frenchfries! (learn to speak english, its probably your native t...

I didn't like
  • Way they build the burgers
  • Dirty store