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My wife and i can't stand the Big Mac anymore because McDonalds does not put enough sause on it like you use to. Last experience in Wells, Maine. January 2017.,which we threw away. Please make your people put on more sause as in the past.If you do this we think the sandwich would be just fine. We find that you are doing this everwhere. You are forcing us to go to Burger King and purchasing the big whopper. We would rather buy from McDonalds...
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I didn't like
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I don't like going to this fast food joint anymore.I get sick and *** problems when I do. I went there with my parents and didn't enjoy it. Next time I'm going to Taco Bell. Much better. Or I can go to Red Robin. I really like there burgers and fries. One thing I've learned too is the jack in the box sucks too. But not as bad as they used to be. In the morning is the best to go to the grocery store. It's a really the best time to get the...
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Mel So? Your parents are paying for it. Why complain?


Alice Enjoy your Taco Bell. McDonalds won't miss you.

The inconsistency of these franchises are amazing! One of my neighborhood is perfectly clean and the food is always hot and fresh. This week I visited to have her town location on West Chester Pike and this location in Flourtown Pennsylvania and both of these restaurants are infested with flies and they cannot deliver hot food it is very disappointing to say the least.
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vv1114 I even had to ask for napkins at the counter because they no longer keep them out in the dining room area. How cheap can you get. I understand that this particular franchise w...

Mcdonalds Big Mac Hamburger Review

Went last night and the machines were down so inhad to pay cash the ladie have me hand receipt she charged me tobmuch n too top it off they hot my order wrong, i call today brandy on stadium drive in kzoo said its nothing she can do n hung up ,for real and she a manager

It is a big Mac. Use the same bun but make the patty's bigger. Most "IMPORTANTLY" regardless of everything else wrong you are putting to much big mac sauce on the sandwich. Once you put that much sauce it instantly ruins the sandwich rendering it uneatable from its size and mess. One must remove the sauce just to be able to eat it. Trust me it's a mess to remove. After removing all the sauce if you still have an appetite the sandwich is now...
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