Salisbury, North Carolina
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I went to my local mcd at a truck stop just south of salisbury nc oa I85. This morning I ordered a gravy bis.

With the gravy on the bis. The manager would not fix me one that way. I ask for my money back and went to another mcd. In a different town and got my bisc.

The way i wanted it. Tonight my pastor and I stopped at the same plaxe as my first stop this morning. The people working were very rude and coukd not get my pastors order right. I ordered fries first up and no fries had been dropped till I reminded them to drop my fries.

The counter at the drink mackene was so dirty that it turned my stomach . I took a picture of the counter and will try to upload it to you

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

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Even though the workers can clean the mess. Why do customers make such a mess?

There are trash bins by the drink station. So, a customer can throw their trash away themselves. No home training I see in that area.

Throwing trash away works both ways. Customers please pick up after yourself.


It's funny people get pissed off at a messy counter and blame the store rather than think "Gee, other customers made this mess. What a sad state of affairs."


this is just a sign of the downward spiral and eventual end to the king of fast food. Sir or Madam, why don't you give your business to a family owned restaurant where the owner really cares about the customer?