Baltimore, Maryland

I went to the Mcdonalds at Harpers Farm Rd in Columbia MD and they have a huge communication problem. I went into the store to order a 1/4 Black Angus Mushroom and Swiss burger.

The beaner behind the counter began saying, "Angus, el senor to see you aqui!" A big black smelly man named Angus came out and said, 'Wut chu wunt ***?!" I said I want a black angus burger I didnt ask for you. He said, "***, I iz big like burga, an named Anguz. Wut du wunt ***!?" I said I want my black angus burger ***. He stripped off my clothes and gave me anal.....BIG TIME!

He shoved a black angus burger in my mouth while he shoved his black angus *** in my brown eye.

I didnt like it very much since I bled out my *** for 3 days. Mcdonalds, stop hiring beaners and black men named angus

Product or Service Mentioned: Mcdonalds Burger.

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Allenton, Michigan, United States #249354

save it scummy trash!!!!!!!!!!!!!


apparently you need to get a job instead of sitting at home on the internet that your unemployment or disability probably pay for.

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