Woodbridge, Virginia

Today, My mom and I went walking and we stopped at McDonald's to get a Breakfast meal. We both got a Steak, Egg and Cheese Bagel.

We talked for an hour then walked back home. On our way walking back she had to *** and so we hurried home. She ran in the bathroom and she started yelling " I HAVE DIARRHEA!" She was in the bathroom for 30 minutes and when she was done. she yelled "MY *** IS BLACK!" Which is bad cause she could have had to go to hospital if she kept pooping black.

So, after that. I go to sleep cause I didn't sleep all night and we went walking at 6AM and I didn't sleep at all. When I woke up. It was 7PM and my stomach was hurting really bad and I started my period and I didn't eat since this morning.

So, I went and tried to make me a sandwich and my stomach was really hurting so I stopped cause I was feeling nausea and my stomach flipped upside down and I almost threw up so I ran to the bathroom and It stopped then I had to ***. I was in there for 30 minutes pooping and throwing up. Then it started getting hot and I couldn't breathe that well. So I lied on the cold floor waiting for my mom to get out the shower.

My mom friend came in the house. She saw me and she was helping me vomit and gave me Ginger Ale. I was still hot and I started sweating even though it was 69 degrees down stairs. My mom ran down stairs with only a towel on and trying to help me up, but I didn't wanna move cause it was hot and my stomach was still hurting and I still had the urge to vomit or ***.

It was really bad for me. After an hour. it got cool again and I felt better. It was scary.

I have never felt like that ever. My mom is 43 and im 14. A 14-year-old shouldnt be experiencing any like that.

McDonald's needs to do a better job cause that was sad. I will never eat McDonald's again and I will surely be telling people my experience.

Product or Service Mentioned: Mcdonalds Sandwich.

Monetary Loss: $8.

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Wow, I am going thru the same stuff I had a breakfast sausage muffin and the egg was like plastic I was in so much pain I wanted to die , I took pictures of what came out of me like plastic it felt like my stomach intestine was gonna explode they did enema and supository and yet I still haven't pooped but the pain is awful!!! I've been in bed now 2 days all I have done is throw up A lot ?i am never eating at McDonald ever again


Go troll someone else 14 year old.


It takes several hours (minimum of 2) before you start feeling the effects of food poisoning. What y'all had was a bug or from something earlier


Same *** happened to me last night except for the diahreeha i just threq up and couldnt keep nothing down now i have the heat flashes today. I had the bacon egg cheese sandwhich only ate half of it...


That was awesome! Thanks!