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So tonight I went to McDonald's through the drive thru in Fresno, CA on West Shield/Clinton. I purchased a #1 Big Mac meal for my 11 years old son & 1 happy meal for my 4 years old daughter.

After arriving home with the foods. My son and daughter started to eat. My son was almost done with his burger decided to put the last of it in his mouth. Then he walked to me and said "ew mama!

I am never eating McDonald's ever again! As I'm looking at him confused he was already pulling something out of his mouth which looked like a piece of some kind of branch. My husband said it looked like a piece of broom sticks. My son who already grossed out looked as if he needed to throw up, but manages to not.

I am so upset right now, I feel like driving back to there to McDonald's and say something, but I know with my temper It will be bad! So here I am complaining and I am not done!

Will be contacting the cooperate office and everyone I can. I mean come on, how in the world can it get onto the sandwich???

Product or Service Mentioned: Mcdonalds Burger.

Reason of review: Damaged or defective.

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I have worked at McDonald's before. I have had to complain to the mangers because I kept catching some of the male cooks picking up the dropped meat patties off the floor and placing in back on the grill to finish cooking the meat to sell it.



Why is it that the 'I'm totally outraged/kids should eat McDonalds/wai are u totally judging her!!1!" types seem to be the same ones who are borderline dyslexic, or fond of typing in upper case?


come on pissed consumer, on a screen filled with mcdonolds complaints several advertisements FOR mcdonalds, even coupon offers, I wonder if you use this content to get a taste of cash FROM mcdonalds, like how much did mickey dee's cash you out for?, will my att uverse complaint get you some att money also?, you still are a fine website, but come on use a little judgement.


you do know that a lot of ads are actually not picked out by the websites themselves. They have targeted ads that will pick ads for the website based on your internet history, among things.

The more you know. :D


those two streets never connect, you mean shields at brawley, they will never return your calls or reply to your issue, (I live 1/4 mile from them and your case is common to that franchisee)


Because they had McDonalds for a meal, you assume that she never cooks fresh meals for her children?! Wth is wrong with you?

Did you ever hear of moderation? I took my kids to McDonald's on especially busy nights or yes, as a REWARD, *gasp*,.....

And, Guess what? They weren't overweight then, nor do they overindulge themselves on unhealthy food now!


Good job bashing this person for what she feeds her family and completely ignoring the complaint!!! Not your family so don't worry bout it.

I'm sorry that happened to your son that's really gross! I'd take it back and show them the straw or whatever it is and demands a full ticket refund.


What do you really expect? Cook the kids some NON-CANNED vegetables!


What business is it of yours Anonymous and GroqUP to tell this parent what to feed her child? Here's a newsflash..they arent yours.

Secondly I used to work at McDonalds and can say this does NOT happen at all stores and something like this is very serious as we use straw brooms to clean the floors. Can you imagine all the gunk and grime that coats the floors?


11yo boy with a big mac meal - 4yo daughter chowing down on a fatty cholesterol laden happy meal. You find some plant fiber in it and your son - from lack of having had vegetables in his diet - almost pukes at the thought of swallowing one.

I think you made the right choice for your family of never eating at McD's again.....or BK, or Jack in the box, or Taco Bell.......


Who the *** are you people to judge what, or where, she feeds her kids?! You can eat what you want in moderation.

As long as you burn as many, or more, calories than you consume in a day, you're not gaining. HOW THE *** DO YOU KNOW THAT HER SON HAS NEVER TASTED A VEGETABLE?!?!

By the way, I eat at Mc Donalds several times a week because:

-LOCATION(close to office)

-VALUE($20 lunches?!NO!!!)

-TIME(more work=more$)


AT ALL! OR UNHEALTHY! AT ALL! I'm not saying that it's good for you at all, but ALL processed foods are bad for you!

Unless you NEVER eat ANY sweets or you grow ALL your own food, you too, are putting unhealthy things in your body!


Omg really??? For one i would love to see you eat your healthy food with something unknown in your food without any problems, I also feed my kids fast food mostly weekends and not 1.......

of my kids close to being overweight or unhealthy i have 4 healthy energetic kids, as a mater of fact one of my boys his favorite food is okra and broccoli but still loves to eat a mchicken and fries and has no health issues, so please tell me your point again??

Im guessing your not a Dr. since you think the kids that are overweight are the ones eating fast food, sorry your wrong not all kids that is overweight from eating fast food or over eating most have a disorder!!


Looks like pine straw - probably much healthier than the Big Mac!

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