Seffner, Florida
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We stopped at the McDonalds on Valrico and State Rd. 60 in Seffner, FL.

We didn't ask for much. However, our Double 1/4 lb. burger was clearly uncooked IT WAS STILL PINK. The Sweet Tea tasted HORRIBLE.

And our other burger we asked for no toppings, on the screen it was correct but Lo and behold that definitely didn't help. Worst Service from a McDonalds EVER.

Product or Service Mentioned: Mcdonalds Burger.

Reason of review: Bad quality.

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This mcdonalds in seffner are staffed with a bunch of racist rednecks working there especially the manager name jennifer she's a ***


The management here is very rude and unprofessional from the store manager down Blake to the little wanna be white black guy deandre! They talk to the customers and staff as if they are animals very unprofessional!

Can't be believe McDonalds hire people like this to represent their establishment I think Corperate needs to look into this matter and talk to their customers and employees and make them do surveys about the treatment and service at their restaurants. The food is horrible at this location in SEFFNER


Not so great, the food is falling off. ready for something new


McDonalds gets away with this poor service and food quality because millions of people allow them too by being repeat customers. Let your wallet picket them and eventually they will have to shape up people. Oh yeah but we must have our dollar menu items and sugar laden sweet tea.