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Why does McDonalds have a full piece of cheese on everything but their fish fillets? You are lucky if you get a half of slice (usually it is 1/4 slice) which is usually to one side of the bun.

No wonder their profits are up. The fish fillets are the worst put together item on their menu. For the price you pay (just over 7.00 for two) we should expect a full piece of cheese and a well put together sandwich.

Also, why do they have the minimum possible on the register during peak hours, btreakfast, lunch, dinner? Shame on you McDonalds everywhere.

Product or Service Mentioned: Mcdonalds Sandwich.

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I like Big Mac's, however I do not like Cheese on my Big Mac. Why can't I order it without cheese?

I say this because everytime I order it with no cheese they they put cheese on it anyway... Before anyone says anything, no I no longer go to McDonalds because of this.

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