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Recently I was forced to relocate to Texas after serving as a crew member for almost two years. This was my first work experience, and i will treasure the experience for the rest of my life.

My last paycheck was held back until I provided a forwarding mailing address. After providing this they claimed they lost my final paycheck and will not assist me in my getting check. After several calls and no success, I'm ready to seek legal action. Please assist me in filing a complaint to get my final paycheck from store # 17466 (Phx, AZ 67th & Beardsley).

How disgusting that this company is be to withholding a young persons paycheck after relocating after a family tragedy. I will do my due diligence to inform the BBB and the rest of the world how much this store cheated me out of my pay and report other paycheck problems I had in the past. This check has been due since thanksgiving. Thanks for not giving to the small persons that made you successful.

Maybe I should report other wrong doings I witnessed during employment that will shut this store down for good. I will send out emails every day until this matter is resolved.

Shame on those guys, shame on McDonald's for allowing this!!!!!!!!!!!! Over $500$$$$

Monetary Loss: $500.

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The mcdonalds I work at store number 1740 has not given me my last paycheck either .. I think mcdonlds is truely an horrible corporation. And the state of Oregon will ok know this...


Did you turn your uniforms in? Any fast food place that I know of don't hand out the last paycheck, unless the uniforms are turned in.


One thing to do is call their corporate office .I am sure they don't want the bad publicity . Don't forget to tell them how you liked your job ; but had to move . I wish you luck .


I wish you luck also, however, corprate dont care, just look at all the complaints, same thing over and over. all corprate wants to do is send you free food coupons which is what everyone is complaining about anyway.


Unless you worked for a corporate store, don't call corporate. If you worked for franchise owner, checks normally come out every week, so you left without a week's notice, exit interview, turning in uniforms, etc then I don't blame them.

Most likely it was sent and lost in the mail due to your move. Now they don't know if you cashed it. They probably use a payroll company - we do. I don't personally write out pay checks.

Call payroll company & get another check.