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I went to Mcdonalds #3564 located at 454 Montgomery Hwy, Birmingham, AL 35216 on 11-9-2011 and ordered a Double Quarter pounder with cheese, Large Fry and Large Drink at the Drive Thru. Once I drove back to work I started eating my meal and I noticed that the Double Quarter Pounder with cheese seemed unusually small. I then noticed that I was given a regular Quarter Pounder instead of what I ordered.

I called the store later that day no one would answer the phone. I had waited to call because I didn't want to interfere with their lunch rush.

I returned to the restaurant on 11-10-2011 and asked to speak with the manager. I showed the manager what had happened and told her that I wanted them to give me the correct order.

I was told that since I had ate the food that they would not replace it. The Manager told me that it was Mcdonalds policy was not to replace food that had been eaten. She told me that I should have called them to let them know what had happened. I showed her my cell phone where I had called the restaurant at 4:26 the day before.

After arguing with her she finally told me that she would give me a regular quarter pounder and a small fry and small drink. I told her that was NOT my original order and that it is standard procedure to make the original order correctly (I have worked in fast food before).

NOTE: The correct procedure that Mcdonalds should have used was by first saying the following "I apologize for the incorrect order and the inconvenience it has caused you. Let us make it up to you by making you the correct order"

I then called the Mcdonalds Complaint line and had to hold on it for 15 minutes before I got a representative. The representative took my complaint, apologized, and told me that it would be forwarded to the district office.

I have wasted time, money, and gas trying to get this resolved. Now I am so furious that I am not planning on ever going back to them again and I am going to tell everyone I know about the experience. This includes postings on Facebook, Twitter, and any consumer complaint board I can find.

Mcdonalds spends millions on advertising and building its brand and reputation. It is amazing that they care so little about protecting their reputation that they wouldn't spend as little as $7 to do the right thing. For every one customer that complains there is at least 20 more that never do but instead they just take their business elsewhere. If Mcdonalds is happy losing customers then continue doing what you are doing. If you want to keep customers loyal then please train your managers on how to handle this type of situation without resorting to arguing with the customer. Remember that Rule #1 is that the customer is always right.

I am asking all consumers that the next time that you are going to Mcdonalds that instead you should go to one of their competitors instead.

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You know what pig, the real truth is you are cheating them not the other way around. You are trying to get both the quarter pounder meal and double quarter meal for the price of one, you are assuming that they should trust you.

They cannot just give every little piglet free food just because they claim their order was wrong otherwise everyone would try and scam them(as you are currently doing) so next time do the honest thing, bring the order back for proof. You are lucky they gave you something despite your evidence, don't be a piggy and demand more. If you need to beg for free food go get a job. When you post this on Facebook, Twitter ect, most likely your friends will laugh at you unless you "forget" to add the part that they did give a free meal based on your word.

The customer is not always right when you are lying, and scamming to get a free meal. It is scammers and thieves like you who out date that saying.


Yeah you ate the food because you wanted them to take your word for it. Most likely they gave you what you ordered and you were hoping to lie to get a free meal because you are too ashamed to go on food stamps. Well lying to get free food is even more shameful.


The customer isn't always right. The customer is always a cheap *** who wants things for free


really? This is your complaint.

After you ate the food...then you wanted more free food the next day?

Maybe they were just looking out for you. Do you know how many calories are in a double quarter pounder?


I am in California, Mcdonalds, always give you the order wrong when you are in a hurry try to go home or work very short time to eat since you are in the driven thru you want to be corteous and hurry for the next customer. Yes, You should please make sure they are given the right order.

I course you eat the food you where hungry go to other fast food restaurant. Anyway, hamburgers grease leak out of this hamburges :(


What you should have done was to take back the wrong order. They can't just give everybody a replacement order without evidence of a mistake and notification days later.

Next time check your order BEFORE you leave the window.

Everyone makes mistakes, but you have the responsibilty of checking your order. So you are not blameless.


That meal you got was like 6 bucks. My god all this effort for six dollars.

Maybe if I came to your house, and got nude and I rub my *** and balls all over your face and have *** man sex together maybe you will feel better. Don't forget to give me reach around.



You should have stopped and checked before leaving the restaurant drive-thru. Anything beyond that is your own fault.


At the very least, I think McDonald's owes you a double quarter pounder. You ate the fries & drink.


I'm blown away that you have been mistreated so badly. Oh the injustice of the whole situation is appalling.

I don't know if I'll ever be the same after reading this story.

I don't know how you'll ever go on ever such a tragic event either. Maybe some counseling will help.


I'm devastated by what happened to you. I don't think I'll be able to sleep tonight and quite frankly I'n mot sure how you will be able to go on living after this terrible event.

Perhaps with therapy and possibly medication you can find a way to be happy again. I know it'll be tough to talk about it at first, but be strong and eventually you'll be able to find the words to tell your therapist that you got a regular quarter pounder instead of a double. Oh the horror!!

It's hard to even type it. Well, time to wipe away my tears and just say I hope you can find a way to go on.

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