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Bought a 10 piece chicken Mcnuggets for my 3 year old son and myself. I ate 2 with no problem, and he ate 1 without incident.

The 2nd nugget, he bit in half and started chewing harder and the spit it out in his hand and gave it to me, and said..."it hard chicken, Mommy." IT WAS A BONE! This bone was sharp enough that it could have caused internal damage to my baby, had he ate it. Still havent been called back by manager. This isnt a small matter.

KIDS eat these nuggets all the time.

This bone could have choken him or perforated his intestine. Im going to have to get a legal team involved at this point.

Reason of review: Bad quality.

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I agree, they need to check into the supplier and ensure that doesn't happen again. But, I hate to burst your bubble, I don't know what "legal team" you think is going to take your case, considering there are no damages.

Something "could" have happened, but nothing did. NO DAMAGES -NO CASE. To illustrate what I mean: I "could" have slipped and fallen in the bank yesterday over their wet floor sign, but I didn't. What case would I have to sue them?

You probably deserve a refund on your nuggets, but that's it. If you pursue this, you will need very deep pockets to finance the whole thing.

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